Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Tired Tuesday ~~ December 13

I survived the board meeting, but I never really sleep after a board meeting and since it didn't get over with until 12:30 a.m., I'm really tired today.  I knew it was going to be a long meeting, but there was an incident yesterday that added considerable emotion and discussion to the meeting.  Unfortunately, the extra emotion and discussion was about me, or rather what happened to me.  I can only say that I am ok, but threats are always taken very seriously.  I didn't do anything wrong other than being the first person this individual came in contact with.

Thanks to Meari for blogging about a giveaway on Victorian Motto Sampler Shoppe blog

I received word that one of my partners finally received their ornament from me.  On my December 6th post, I showed you the ornament Jodie sent to me.

Here is the ornament I sent to her:

Until next time...
Happy Stitchin'


  1. No wonder why you couldn't sleep. How terrible that you didn't do anything wrong and still had all that extra stress

  2. Pretty ornament, I've wanted to do that one myself one day.

  3. Beautiful ornament!!

    - Lisa N. in Cambodia


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