Sunday, December 23, 2018


I had all these plans to get everything done and be ahead of the holiday rush, but work and the constant migraine got in the way.  Right after Thanksgiving, a large project came up at work and became the priority above everything else.  Unfortunately, the migraine has not improved and I've had to cut back on everything I usually do for the holidays.

I give a stitched ornament to my family members for Christmas every year.  In November, I finally settled on an alternative finish for the little cross stitch designs designed for the sleds.  I had stitched these little designs a few years ago, but hadn't purchased sleds for all that I had stitched.

I purchased the wood slices at Hobby Lobby and then wood burned Merry Christmas on the front and my initials and the year on the back.

We celebrated Christmas with hubby's side of the family yesterday.  As the kids have gotten older and in their own homes, I have been making ornaments for each one of them as well.  I was happy to hear my nephew tell my mother-in-law how nice his tree looks with all the ornaments I've made for him.

Hazel(nut) celebrated her 2nd birthday on Dec 17.

I received this quilt from my mother-in-law for my birthday.  This quilt belonged to an elderly neighbor whose mother and aunts had made it sometime before 1894.  It is in very good condition and there are only a few spots where the fabric has worn. 

The triplets are 9 months old!  They are settled into their new home and we will be celebrating Christmas there.

We've heard from DD and the tentative plan is for her deployment to end and her to be back in the States in early February.   We're praying that the plan stays the same, but given current events, there is uncertainty.

From our family to yours...