Friday, April 25, 2014


Signs of spring are all around.

All of my neighbors have mowed their grass -- even though it doesn't really need it.
Although I haven't put the snow shovels away yet, 
I think it's safe to say "Spring is here!"

In one week's time
we have leaves on trees

a Bleeding Heart

and Goldfinches wearing their bright yellow summer colors!

I have decided to start a project to give myself a break from the consignment pieces.  
I'll still spend most of my stitching time on the consignment pieces, 
but I need some time just to work on my own project.

Have you seen the Lizzie*Kate 4 Seasons Flip Its?

There's just something about that rooster on the summer design
and these are now on my wishlist!

What about Lizzie*Kate's Do Your Best Limited Edition Kit?

I ordered this kit and it's in my to-do pile waiting to be stitched.  
My kit came with the red fabric shown in the photo.

but then...
Be Who You Are is also in my to-do pile.

Oh gosh, I also have tons of other designs in my to-do pile!  
I could pull out any one of the gazillion ornaments waiting to be stitched.
or, maybe I should start on one of the Blue Ribbon Designs.
Perhaps something for DD's wedding should be my project, 
except I don't even have anything picked out.

My, oh my, it will be such a difficult decision.  
One that I'll probably ponder all weekend!

Any suggestions? 

Sunday, April 20, 2014

What Is Your Superpower? ~~ Day 7 ~~ My Day!

So have you been enjoying this blog hop as much as I have?

When I first read about this blog hop, I knew it would be fun.
I even thought it would be easy.
I had tons of ideas and tried to put them on paper.  But...

I struggled with it and procrastinated.

I don't think we have to be a superhero to have superpowers.

I think we show our superpowers every day in all the things we do,
the ways we show we care, treat others and the way we live our life.

Besides being a wife, mother, daughter, sister, caregiver and friend,
I also volunteer and use my talents to help others.

Stitching is one of the talents SUPERPOWERS I use most often.
I've cross stitched memorials for fallen soldier's families,
cross stitched blocks for quilts that are given to sick children,
cross stitched various pieces for cancer awareness auctions,
embroidered baptism napkins and altar linens for churches,
and sewn quilt blocks and quilts to be distributed to poor countries.

I also teach crafts and various forms of needlework to a group of young people
and together we make things that are donated to different charities.


For this blog hop, I've stitched a couple of stitcher's accessories
which will be donated to an upcoming local auction for
children's cancer awareness.

Stitcher's Wallet & Pincushion
"Life's A Stitch" design by Lizzie*Kate
"Stitching Forever" design by Lizzie*Kate
Stitched on 32 count light green linen
DMC threads used in colors to match the fabrics 



I designed this wallet to include
a pocket for glasses, pens or other "needfuls"
a pocket for scissors and
a third pocket for needles.

   I hope you've enjoyed my post for the blog hop.

Stop by and see the other posters for today!


Our Cheerleader ~~ Pauline
Our Hostess ~~  Mdm Samm
Our Sponsor ~~ DMC

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Spring or Winter?

It's been such a long, hard winter.  A winter that still seems to be hanging around even though the calendar says it's spring.

Spring flowers are just starting to appear.

Snow is still a regular occurrence too.

Snow one day and then it's back to spring-like weather a day or two later.
It's supposed to be a beautiful day tomorrow with temps in the low 70's.

Wishing you and your family a

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Was it just me?

Anyone else having issues with blogger?

Usually blogger sends me an email whenever I approve comments on my blog.  However, I didn't get any emails for the comments I approved over the weekend.

Also, for every comment I left on other blogs over the weekend, I got a "delivery failed" email.

It seems to be working now, but it sure makes me uneasy to get the failed delivery emails.  For everyone who commented on my blog, I'm working on replying to your comments.

Hope you're week is going well!

Friday, April 4, 2014

It's the Weekend -- finally!

Oh what a week it has been! 

Between family drama, witnessing an altercation between two employees in my office and a health scare with my daughter, I am a stressed out wreck.

How do you handle stress?  What helps you when you feel overwhelmed?  I just feel like running away or hiding under the covers and staying in bed.  I generally handle stress pretty well, but this week it's been an overload.

I've been working on a large piece for a client.  I don't grid my fabric very often, however, due to the size of this piece, I decided to do a little gridding.  Normally, I use a fine red fishing line, but I ran out.  Instead, I used a black filament thread that I had in my sewing basket.  

The black thread is working well -- except for one thing.

I leave tails so removal will be easier.

The black thread tails made me think I had a spider on my fabric!  
It startled me so much that I tossed the fabric across the room.
Hubby laughed and laughed and laughed at me, lol.

I finally purchased a new laptop.  It has Windows 8.1, but I'm finding it to be really slow.  I'm talking about super slow.  Slow on the internet, slow opening or saving files, slow opening and running programs.  It's so frustrating!  Anyone else running Windows 8.1 and having the same issues?  

Have a great, relaxing weekend!