Monday, January 1, 2024

Long Overdue

Hello friends, 

I've been gone a long time.  Didn't realize it had been so long!  I've been thinking about posting for some time now, just haven't been able to.   

I've spent the last five months recovering from a severe rash and side effects from the steroid I was given to treat the rash.  I came into contact with ONE ragweed plant that caused a severe rash after sun exposure.  Hubby said the rash I got from that one plant is way worse than any poison ivy he has ever had.  Although much better, I still have the rash and still dealing with the side effects from the steroid. 

In late October, my mother-in-law got very sick, developed sepsis and went into septic shock.  She managed to call for the ambulance and unlock the door for them, but then collapsed.  She was unresponsive, had no blood pressure and her heart rate was below 30.  The paramedics got her to the ER where the doctor and nurses began working on her.  In our rural area, the ER stabilizes patients enough to transfer them to one of the bigger cities hours away.  My MIL was transferred to a bigger hospital 90 minutes away, where they began intensive treatment.  All of her organs had begun to shut down and her condition was very grave.  The doctors started six or seven different IV antibiotics, administered 4 units of blood and prepared her to be transferred to another, even bigger hospital another 90 minutes away.  After my MIL was lifeflighted to the other hospital, she went in to surgery to have the infection drained and treated.  She spent two weeks in the hospital and was transferred to a local rehab facility, where she is still receiving treatment.  She has been making progress and we're hoping she'll be home mid to late January.  

Even with everything going on, I have some stitching to share.

I stitched and finished these in February. Loveable Petites by Little House Needleworks, Love You Too freebie by Hands on Design, and Love freebie by Erin Elizabeth.


In April, I decided to try one over one on 25 count natural Lugana. Still not a fan of over one. Pattern is Without Ceasing by Sweet Wing Studio. Chose my own Classic Colorworks colors.  

My annual ornaments gifted to family members for Christmas this year are from Annie Beez 2019 Country Christmas series.  These were stitched on various 32 count fabrics from my stash and stitched with a combination of Sulky Cotton Petites and DMC.  Hubby cut out and finished the wooden ornament shape.

The ornament for my grandson is another design from the Prairie Schooler Button Up booklet.  This is the fourth ornament from the booklet that I've stitched for him. 

Other News:

You may remember that my youngest daughter and her Army unit deployed to Romania in June 2022 for 9-12 months.  In February, she let us know that she would be returning home between April and June and then I didn't hear from her after that.  I was getting worried.  I kept asking my oldest daughter if she had heard from her sister.  My oldest daughter said no, but she thought their unit was just busy with everything going on.   

One March day, with my daughter's help, my grandson video called me, as he often does.  He asked if we could come to dinner that evening.  I thought we were getting together to celebrate my son-in-law's birthday that was a few days earlier.  To my surprise, my youngest daughter had returned from deployment and come for dinner!  Every family member knew she was coming, except me!  I found out later that my youngest daughter somehow blocked me from getting any messages or social media posts so that the surprise could be carried out.  We are so very happy to have her home from deployment. 

She was able to join us for Thanksgiving this year and her boyfriend, Colton joined us as well.  After dinner and after almost everyone had gone home, Colton asked to speak to Hubby in private. 

A few days later, SHE SAID YES!

We were able to camp many weekends over the summer and enjoyed camping with our oldest daughter, son-in-law and grandson several of those weekends.


My grandson helping his daddy grease the wheel bearings on their camper one weekend we were camping together.  It was fun watching my grandson help clean the camper, do maintenance on their camper and make sure everything was put where it was supposed to go.  

My grandson learned to ride his two-wheeler bicycle without training wheels, caught fish and lightning bugs, enjoyed campfires, cookouts, swimming lessons, hiking nature trails, and tending to and harvesting his own little garden.  He also learned how to peel potatoes and carrots (with child-safe utensils), shuck corn on the cob, help mom and dad cook and do dishes, set and clear off the table, and help his other grandparents on their farm.  

My grandson announced to us in October that he is going to be a big brother!  My daughter and son-in-law decided to give fertility treatments another try and she is due in April!  A few weeks ago, my grandson announced that he is having a baby brother! 

 My niece's triplets started kindergarten this year and their older brother is in first grade!  

We had a family get-together in June and got this photo of my mom with almost all of her great-grandsons.  Mom has 11 great-grandsons, with 10 of them ranging in age from 2 months old to seven years old and her oldest great-grandson (not pictured) turning 21 this year.  In the photo above, the boys on the left side are the triplets and their older brother, the one my mom is holding and the boys to the right are all my nephew's boys and all the way over to the right is my grandson, who refused to join the group.   

In early November, my cousin brought her mom up from Arkansas to visit my mom and my uncle for their birthdays.

My mom (front, left) turned 83 on November 2 and my uncle turned 81 on November 1.  We were able to gather most of the family for a birthday celebration.

Many pictures were taken that day.  This is my mom, brother, my two sisters and I.  We haven't had a family picture like this in many years.

From our family to yours, 


Monday, January 9, 2023

2022 Review

Just a few of the things I made in 2022...

Watercolor Paintings and Cards

I made several sets of cards (upper left) that I gave as gifts to family members.  The gingerbread house was sent to my cousin who celebrates her birthday in December. The snowmen cards were the Christmas cards I sent out this year.  The cart with flowers was sent given to my mom for her birthday.  I painted and gave many more cards than pictured here.

The top two are more cards that were sent.  The pumpkins were painted just to celebrate Halloween.  The four circles were used as tags on Christmas gifts and the snowman and sled was framed and given to my mom to display for the holidays.

The boy fishing was painted in honor of my grandson catching his first fish last summer.  The scare crow, rocky stream, ice cream shop and patriotic cart were painted as seasonal pieces to be displayed in my home.  The little seahorse was painted and given to welcome a new family member.

Saw the bear silhouette and was inspired to create my own.  These were painted by applying a mask and painting the inside area to create the silhouette.  Pulling the mask off after painting was magical!  As you can tell, I was inspired to keep creating silhouettes.  I really like them all, but the fish with the colorful sky is my favorite.  Hubby wants me to create more silhouettes in a larger size to be framed and displayed in our home.

This was painted for a friend, inspired from her photo of the Black Swallowtail Butterfly.  It is 16x20 inches and the largest watercolor painting I have painted.

Crochet Blankets

We had a baby boom in 2022 and I made seven of these blankets in various colors.

Cross Stitch

The Rudolph ornament is a free kit from a very old Cross Stitcher Magazine.  The child building the snowman ornament is from Prairie Schooler All Buttoned Up and given to my grandson for Christmas.  I am stitching all of the ornaments from that design and giving one to my grandson each year.  The other ornaments are Prairie Schooler Christmas Favorites.  They were stitched and mounted on small planks Hubby cut from logs from the apple tree we lost a couple of years ago.  These ornaments were all given to family members for Christmas this year.  The Halloween piece is Costume Party by Hands on Design.  I stitched this on 32 count Silvermist Belfast with my own floss colors, mounted on a painted wood blank found in my stash.

Wow! I was more creative than I thought I was!  Thanks for coming along on my look back on my creativity during 2022.

Until next time,


Saturday, December 31, 2022

So long 2022

I'm back for a final 2022 post.  

I'm still dealing with a chronic sinus infection.  Yes, it has been since August 2021 that I've had this.  I only have a couple days when I feel a little better and then it gets bad again.  I have been seeing my ENT and following his treatment plan, but so far nothing has improved.  In addition to the sinus infection, I am having a never-ending, severe migraine episode and thoracic outlet syndrome flare.  

My youngest daughter and her Army unit deployed to Romania on June 26.  She told me they would be deployed 9-12 months.

She was able to have flowers sent to me for my birthday earlier in December.  She knows my favorite color is pink and the name of this bouquet is Pink Showstopper!  They were gorgeous and lasted over two weeks!

Hollie and Hazel posed for a Christmas photo.  Hazel turned 6 years old on December 17.

We had a beautiful sunrise Thursday morning. 

I have been painting, cross stitching and crocheting.  I'll share those photos in my next post.

Until next time,

Wishing you a

Happy New Year!