Sunday, May 22, 2022


First, thank you to the friends that have contacted me asking if we are ok.  Sorry it has been so long since I've posted here.  Family matters have required more attention.

Some days I barely have time to thread the needle and put a couple stitches in, but I try anyway.  I have kitted up several cross stitch ornaments and have them nearby for whenever I have a few minutes.  I also have a crochet project and card making supplies nearby.

The Triplets turned four in March.

We went to visit our youngest daughter in Tennessee.  It was a short, but great visit.  Her unit is getting ready for deployment in June or July, but on notice in case they need to deploy immediately.

I have so much fun with my Grandson.  He is such a sweet little guy and always ready to help with whatever needs to be done, especially if it is outside.

Helping Grandpa by "mowing" the grass.

Getting the dishwater ready for the lunch dishes.

Such concentration!

The park is half a block from my house and every time we go, Little Man wants me to go down the slide too.  I think I've gone down this slide at least a thousand times, lol.  

Last week, we had thunderstorms with wind, hail, lightning and SUNSHINE.  I've never experienced hours of storms with the sun shining the entire time.  We were treated with a gorgeous rainbow.  

We've had such a rollercoaster of spring weather.  We had a week of temps in the upper 90's, which is very unusual for this time of year, followed by a week of temps in the 60's.  Even with the wacky weather, flowers are blooming.

Praying you and your family are doing well!

Friday, February 18, 2022


Hello Dear Friends,

We, like much of the country, have been having, well, you know, winter weather.  After having nearly 60 degree temps on Wednesday, we were again reminded that it is still winter.  Yesterday started out dry and by lunch time we had heavy snow, wind, and very cold temperatures.  My area received 8+ inches of snow in four hours.  The snow stopped as quick as it started and we were rewarded with the last few minutes of a stunning sunset.   

Even though I've been back in the office for my job, I've been able to arrange my schedule to allow watching my grandson several days each week.  I am also able to watch him if he can't go to daycare, like the one week in January when the daycare had to be closed due to a couple of the children testing positive.

Last week, I had a little repairman spend the whole day taking care of all the things that needed fixing.

My grandson insisted that he had to wear his boots, hat, and sweatshirt while repairing all the things.

I found a teepee for a reasonable price and thought it would be the perfect addition to the upstairs bedroom where my grandson sleeps and plays when he is here.  This room used to be his mom's bedroom when she was a kid and young adult.  It is still painted the way she wanted it when it became her bedroom and has glow-in-the-dark stars and moons stamped all over the walls and ceiling.  There is even a little glow-in-the-dark drawing that her and my son-in-law painted on the ceiling when they were dating in high school.  We plan on leaving it painted this way because it is really cool at night when the lights get turned off.

We've celebrated some birthdays since my last post.

Our grandson turned 2 on January 14.  We had a small gathering for his birthday and he had a blast.

Hollie turned 6 on January 30.  

Hazel turned 5 on December 17

I had another birthday on Dec 3, but I've been sick with the chronic sinus infection all fall and winter, so we didn't celebrate.

My grandson and hubby have the same attraction to the television.  We were privileged to have our grandson spend the night with us one Saturday night recently.  It was the first time our grandson spent the night away from his parents.  He did great, but I think it was hard on his parents.  His mom and dad both texted several times throughout the evening checking on their boy. 

My annual ornaments that are gifted to family members were stitched from Prairie Schooler Snowy Nights.

Hubby cut wood planks from some logs from our apple tree that had to be cut down.  I mounted the cross stitch pieces on each plank and added some pine branch picks, bells and a bow.

My grandson's ornament is another one from Prairie Schooler Button Up.

Praying for you all, dear friends.  

Until next time,

Happy Stitchin'

Thursday, November 18, 2021

November Already

What happened to September and October? How is it almost Thanksgiving already?  

Since early September, I've been fighting chronic sinusitis and a never-ending migraine that has been much worse.  Seems my allergy meds can't handle this year's autumn allergens and nothing helps my migraines.

I'm lucky that I still get to spend a lot of time with my grandson.  He is such a smart little boy.  

His days with me consist of coloring,



more books, and puzzles.

He is always wanting a snack! Fruit and vegetables are his favorites.

Riding his "bike" anywhere he can,

using Grandpa's "popper" as a mower, vacuum or mop, 

and watching Finding Nemo and Finding Dory multiple times, as in over and over and over, lol. 

Sometimes, a busy little boy needs a morning nap.

Hollie like her naps too!

Hazel was so excited for our first snowflakes last week.  I'm happy the snowflakes didn't last long!

Praying you and your family are doing well.