Tuesday, November 22, 2011

WOW!  Here it is November -- nearly Thanksgiving -- and I don't know where the time has gone!  I've been so busy with work, work, and more work and looking forward to a couple of days off this week.

We are celebrating Thanksgiving at my house with my siblings, my mom and Hubby's parents.  We have the traditional Thanksgiving turkey with all the trimmings.  Always too much food, but we do enjoy it and the leftovers!

What are your favorite holiday traditions?


I've been stitching ornaments for exchanges and charity donations.  I can't show the ornies for the exchanges yet, but as soon as they get to their recipients, I'll be able to post them.

Five ornies stitched for charity donations.
I really need to perfect my finishing techniques.  I feel like my finishing is blah compared to the great finishings I've seen lately.

Columbus Day Weekend

Hubby and I were able to enjoy the long Columbus Day weekend camping.  The weather was absolutely perfect!  We hiked, fished a little and relaxed.  Hubby cooked a chicken over the campfire and it was so good.

Sunny days, warm nights and an almost full moon!

Chicken for dinner.

Taking a rest while on our 4 mile hike.

The Rotted Tree

Several years ago, we had to cut down a dead tree.  Hubby left a tall stump with the intention of having someone carve a design into it.  Never got that carving done and the tall stump started rotting.  Well, that rotted tree stump finally had to be removed.

Rotted Tree Stump

Hubby is a DIY-er so he cut the rotted tree stump.  It was rotted almost completely thru and the whole thing fell even before Hubby was done cutting the wedge.  Thankfully, he saw it leaning and was able to get out of harm's way.

A Special Birthday

Our little Snickers celebrated her 15th birthday on November 8th.  Can you tell she doesn't like to get her pic taken?  She got to have an extra treat and a bite of meatloaf on her birthday.

Snickers on her 15th Birthday!
Of course we couldn't forget about Dottie, so she got a bite of meatloaf too!

Dottie loves getting her pic taken and this is her posing after  her bite of meatloaf!

I would like to wish you all a very Happy Thanksgiving!  As we sit down to enjoy our traditional meal, we will take some time to reflect on our blessings and give thanks for all that we have.  

This year we are especially thankful that our dear friend Laurie has just finished radiation and chemo and can now start the recovery process.

Thanksgiving Blessings to you all!