Sunday, November 18, 2012


Ok, I admit this wasn't my best use for wool yarn, but I read about how someone was using wool yarn balls in her dryer to control static and soften her clothes.  I can't even tell you which blog I found this on because I was laying in bed using my iPod during one of my late night blog hopping sessions.

I had been given the wool yarn, so it didn't cost me anything and I thought why not try it.  Bottom line -- for me, the yarn balls do nothing for controlling the static and it's hard to say about the softness.  They do, however, help my laundry dry faster and for that reason, I'm leaving them in the dryer.

With my oldest daughter moving into her new home, I find I have an empty room, so I've been going through boxes, re-arranging rooms and moving furniture. 

I found this little scrap of aida that my youngest daughter stitched when she was around 7 or 8.  I will be finding a way to display this little keepsake.

í í í í í í í í

A while back, I found a package of sandwich bread dated almost 4 weeks earlier.  I picked the package up, expecting to find dry, fuzzy, green bread.  What I found was bread that was still very soft and moist and not a speck of mold anywhere.   This is very disturbing to me!

So this is how we get our bread now.

I'm still trying to perfect my recipe for a softer crust.  At least I know what's in my bread and I don't have to worry about why store bought bread doesn't get moldy even after several weeks.

I'm looking forward to a long weekend.  How about you?


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Cardinal Winter
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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

IMAG0088 1
Not much stitching going on these days.  I did find a few minutes to work a little on this ornie.  I hope to get an evening this week to sit and stitch the night away.

IMAG0066 1From this – blue/gray countertop with bluish cabinets and antique bronze hardware…

IMAG0068  To creamy white cabinets and silver hardware…
A freshly painted backsplash and beautiful new countertop!  We’re still working on painting the lower cabinets and a few other little adjustments, but it will be done in a day or two. 

Throughout this whole kitchen facelift, I only went 3 days without a kitchen sink and running water. 
Sorry for the blurry pic above.  I was having trouble with the camera on my phone.
As if having the kitchen tore apart wasn’t enough, my oldest daughter chose the same time to move into her new home.
Dottie has been rather upset with her *sister* moving out and the chaos around our house these past couple of weeks.

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