Monday, March 29, 2021

Catching Up

Hello, Dear Friends!

Gosh time is flying by.  

Can you believe it?  The Triplets turned 3 on March 16!

They are all doing so well.  


I get to spend four days a week with Baby L and I LOVE every minute of it, even the toys and stuff everywhere! 

Every day, Little Man is exploring and imitating what he sees others do.  

"Helping" me work.

Organizing lids.

Figuring out how to slip lids through the crate bars.

Sharing breakfast.  

No stitching to show, but I crocheted some slippers for my sister

and made a few cards.

Sad news...
Dottie Dog 

Dottie loved Peeps

and roasted hotdogs.

She had the best and biggest smile and she knew how to use it to her advantage, lol.

Forever in our hearts.

Have you seen the banners some towns are putting up to honor a veteran or active duty military personnel?  My brother-in-law is very active with his local VFW.  His VFW has sponsored our youngest daughter as she serves our country.  The VFW recently had a large banner made honoring her.  In addition to the large banner they are displaying, the VFW had smaller banners made for us and her grandparents.

This is the last week our daughter will be in Texas.  She is being transferred to Tennessee and has purchased a new home near the base.  She closes on her home on April 1 and moves in right after.  
Remember over a year ago, when the Army loaded up all her stuff for her to move to Virginia for Captain's training and then the pandemic put all that on hold?  Well, the Army has had DD's belongings in storage since early March 2020.  DD is planning for her belongings to be delivered and moved in on April 4.  

We're excited to have her 9 hours closer to us!  As it's only a 7 hour drive now, she has invited us and our oldest daughter and family for Easter weekend.  It will be the first time we've been together since Christmas 2019 and Baby L will get to meet his aunt.    

Happy Easter!

Until next time,
Stay safe and happy stitchin'