Friday, May 22, 2020

Ready for June

Hello Friends!

How are you doing?  I pray that you all have been safe and healthy during this virus.  We are managing the best we can.  

So much has happened since my last post!

Hubby and I are both "essential" employees and have been working outside the home throughout our state's stay-at-home order.  Hubby's company laid off 40% of its employees and gave a permanent 10-25% pay cut to the remaining employees.  For Hubby, the layoff/pay cut means he now covers the territory of 4 employees, works longer hours, and has hours of additional reporting and paperwork each day after work hours for much less pay.  

Little did I know, my grandma's words of "make do with what you have" that I posted about in my last past would become the status quo for the past 9+ weeks.  

Like sewing baby clothes from our clothes that were to be donated because everything is out of stock online.

DD#1 and I have made over 400 masks for family, friends and a local mask making group. 

For once, all that fabric and elastic stash I've had for years has been put to great use.  Between DD#1 and I, we've only had to order additional elastic, which our local Joann's was able to get for us.

Speaking of DD#1, she was planning to return to teaching after spring break, which would have been April 14.  Since our governor had closed the schools through the end of April (since then, schools were closed for the remainder of the school year) and remote learning started March 30, DD returned to teaching on March 30.  She has put in more prep and teaching hours for remote learning than she does when she's in the classroom.  At the high school level, remote learning has been frustrating for both teachers and students.  The traditional grading system is gone and all those hard working students aren't rewarded for their work, while the slackers are able to get away with not doing the work.  Cheating and parents doing the work for their kids has become much more prevalent.  

Us new grandparents are having a really difficult time not being able to hold our grandson.  We've been able to visit Baby L from 10 feet away, but it is such torture to not hold or touch him.  

For Mother's Day, I received a card with Baby L's handprints and a cement block with his footprints.  The handprint card is on my kitchen bulletin board and the footprint block is in the flowerbed at our front door, where I can see them every day.  Baby L turned 4 months old last week!  I can't believe I haven't held him for 2 months!

In my last post, I told you DD#2 was leaving Texas for Virginia.  The Army moved all of DD#2's belongings at the end of February and she still had one week of work before leaving for Virginia.  During that one week, the military put a travel ban in effect, leaving DD stuck in Texas.  All of her belongings are in storage in Virginia and DD has had to rent a furnished apartment in Texas.  At this point, she is unsure of when or if she'll be continuing Captain training in Virginia.

In the meantime, DD#2 was promoted to Captain on May 1!

I'm glad someone was able to take these photos since we weren't permitted to attend the ceremony.  We haven't seen DD#2 since Christmas and due to the travel ban, DD#2 hasn't been home to meet her nephew.  We were supposed to have Baby L's baptism, but with churches also closed, that has been postponed.

My neighbor celebrated her 100th birthday on May 12.  I made a banner and placed 100 pinwheels in her yard.  Another neighbor and I organized a card shower and parade too.  She received 109 birthday cards and we had 41 cars in addition to 3 fire trucks for her parade.  It was so fun and a great surprise for Babe.  

I made a few cards for Mother's Day and DD#2's birthday.

Until next time,

           Be Safe & 

Have a Great Weekend!