Friday, November 1, 2019



My neighbor's tree was the most brilliant orange this year.  

How is that October started with temps in the 90's and ended with 9+ inches of snow and temps that dropped to 20F Halloween night?  What crazy weather we've had and it sure feels like winter is here.

Tiny snowman built by the little girl next door this morning before the snow started melting.

I haven't done any cross stitching, but I have been counting stitches and squares. 

These are C2C graphgan crochet squares for the baby blanket I'm making for our grandbaby.  I still have to stitch them together and put a border on.  I'm hoping to get it done for the baby shower.

DD #1 and her hubby celebrated their 5th wedding anniversary in September.  My Super-Son-In-Law did the sweetest, most romantic thing for his gift to DD.  He got permission from the new owners of my sister-in-law's farm (where DD and SIL where married) and arranged to have a photographer take photos there.

Many of the photos were taken in the same places on the farm as their wedding photos and they even included Skye, just as she was included in their wedding.

DD #2, the Army Officer, has been busy training with her unit as they prepare to deploy again.  She is not deploying with her unit as she will go into an officer's training program instead.  I haven't seen her since February and I hope it works out that she'll get to come home for Christmas.

Because she was deployed last Christmas, DD #2 already has her tree up!

On October 22, I took my mom to the orthopedic for her final appointment for the wrist fracture from her fall in May.  Mom tripped and fell on a ripple in the carpeting in the hallway outside of the doctor's office.  This time she fractured her right leg and tore open her left knee. 

It feels like a recurring nightmare. 

Her knee required over 20 stitches and she has to wear a knee immobilizing leg brace until the stitches come out.  The doctor thinks the stitches will come out in a couple more weeks.  Mom also has a walking boot on her right leg.  She was hospitalized for several days and is now home with home health care coming a couple times a week and me the rest of the time.  Mom has been sleeping in her electric recliner since she got home because she can't get in and out of bed with the leg brace and walking boot.  It's bad enough to be recovering from another fall, but add a grouchy attitude because of sleeping in a recliner and it makes for difficult days for those of us taking care of mom.

Until next time,

Take care, my friends!