Saturday, June 30, 2018


I’m barely making my goal of posting at least once a month, lol.  In all honesty, I’m having a hard time.  I’m struggling with a persistent migraine that I can’t break.  I’m sure stress isn’t helping, but the migraine is contributing to my stress and it’s a vicious circle.

My youngest DD seems to be doing ok on her deployment, but she wouldn’t tell me either way.  I understand that she’s busy doing what she’s trained for, but I wish we could communicate more often.

You may remember last year my oldest DD was having some medical issues and had to have several surgeries.  I’m sad to say the issues haven’t disappeared.  She may need additional surgery later this summer.  She’d been looking forward to a relaxing summer after graduating with her Master’s in May, but has started seeing a new specialist that is ordering many more tests.


I participate in a Mailart Facebook group. This year there is a birthday exchange and I made a mailart for one of our group members who had a birthday in May. I mailed it “naked” as it was not in a protective wrap. I`m still amazed these envelopes make it through the mail.

I included a handmade birthday card, needles in a matchbook case and 4 skeins of floss.

Her postal carrier really liked delivering the mailart too.

Our Facebook group is also having a Quaker mailart exchange.  I received my Quaker mailart from Meari.  I love the design and work Meari put into this envelope for me.  The goodies she included will be so useful too.

The triplets are 3 months old now and doing great!  My niece has made the decision to be a stay-at-home mom and is adjusting to having her hands full.

That's all for now.