Tuesday, May 28, 2013


There was a very loud chirping outside the 
front door recently.

I peeked through the window to find this guy perched in the 
corner of the porch.

The loud chirping continued

He looked this way

and that way

He looked up high

He moved to the other side of the porch and looked around

He moved again

The loud chirping continued from the windchime
til he left the porch

 Still hearing the loud chirping, 
I looked out the front door and 
saw the male House Finch and the female House Finch
perched in the tree just steps from the porch.
(I wasn't able to get a pic through the outside door)

I imagine they are
discussing the possibility of making my porch 
their new home, although no nest 
construction has started yet.

Sorry about the blurry pics - I took them through a screened window.


Friday, May 24, 2013


Nancy over at Victorian Motto Sampler Shoppe is having another great giveaway!  Lots of new colors have been added to her 1795 Collection and 10 lucky stitchers will get to pick 5 skeins!

If you haven't used Nancy's floss, you're missing out.  Each skein is 20 yards of rich, beautiful color! 

Back in 2012, I used Victorian Motto Sampler Shoppe floss for the stitched piece for the box top class I took.

I just love the way the box top turned out with all Victorian Motto Sampler Shoppe floss. 

Head on over to check out Nancy's blog and put your name in the giveaway!  (If you let Nancy know that I sent you, I'll get extra entries.)

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Not Much Of Anything Getting Done!

Why, you ask?

Because this thoracic outlet syndrome flare-up has me sidelined.  The pain and numbness is so bad that I can't tie my shoes, work at my desk, sit at the dinner table or lay down in bed.  Let me tell you, trying to sleep in a chair is not my idea of comfort.

Since I have no stitching to show you, I'll show you my beautiful Azalea instead.

It's so spectacular!
It's about 4 feet tall and 5 feet around.
I have to chase Hubby away because every 
summer he wants to cut it way back.

 I was concerned that it wouldn't bloom well this year because we had a really early, hot summer last year.

We have plans to go camping for the long Memorial Day Weekend.  Hopefully I'll be feeling better and well enough to go.

Hubby and I celebrate our 24th wedding anniversary this weekend.  It will be the first weekend in several years that we haven't had a graduation or wedding to go to. We'll probably just have a quiet evening around the campfire instead of going out.

Welcome to all my new followers! 
I'm so pleased you're here!!

My heart and prayers go out to all 
those affected by the recent tornadoes.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013


I've always had an interest in birds, so when I discovered this blog hop, I just knew I had to participate! 

I had so many ideas and projects I wanted to do for this blog hop...

but work, family and a thoracic outlet syndrome flare-up interfered with my grand plans.

Searching through my messy, unorganized sewing room, I actually found some pre-cut fabric triangles in my STASH that were perfect.  I had a new cross stitch design in mind, but I had to order it online and knew it wouldn't arrive in time for me to get it stitched up.  So, I pulled out my embroidery floss and matched the floss to the colors in the fabric and then went about searching for another design to stitch.

After I found an embroidery design and stitched it up, I had the hardest time figuring out how to use the triangles.  Not being much of a quilter, I really struggled with piecing them together.  I finally decided to sew the triangles together to make strips and then sewed the strips on each side of the embroidered piece to make a placemat.

Once the construction and finishing were completed, I decided it was too pretty to use as a placemat in my dining room and am displaying it on my Grandma's antique dresser instead.

I hope you've enjoyed my contribution.

Take a few minutes and visit the other bloggers participating in today's hop.

Wednesday, May 15

I'd like to thank

Madame Samm for running these blog hops,

Mary for being our cheerleader,


Clothworks for being our sponsor.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Thursday, May 2, 2013


After putting it off for way too long, 
The Soldier Memorial piece is framed.

This piece will now go to the soldier's family.
No words can express my gratitude for the 
sacrifices so many have made.

It's downhill to the weekend! 
Hope you have something wonderful planned!

Anyone know why Blogger does this weird spacing thing?  
Drives me crazy ~~