Saturday, May 14, 2016


Male Rose-Breasted Grosbeak 

I think this one looks like he is ready to have a conversation with me!

These are first time visitors to my backyard and I'm enjoying watching them.  
I have counted 4 males and at least 2 females.

The Hardy Azalea is spectacular this year!

I love how vibrant the blooms are!

Hollie's new thing is smiling when she wants something!  

Hollie stays with us during the week and we've been working on obedience.   
Dottie "shows" Hollie how it's done so Dottie can get a treat too, lol.

We celebrated DD's birthday on Mother's Day.  I can't believe my youngest is 23 years old!  
She's looking forward to graduation and commissioning with the Army in June.  

Not much else going on.  It's only been 3 weeks since I got the cast, 
but it sure seems like it's been much longer.  

Have an awesome weekend!