Monday, June 29, 2020


Can you believe June is almost over?  Have your summer plans changed?  We've canceled the traveling we had planned to do this summer.  Hopefully, we'll get to spend more time camping instead.

If you follow me on facebook or instagram, you already know my project bag and our bag of extra shoes went missing after our Memorial Weekend camping trip.

All we can assume is that the shoes and project bag got thrown away by mistake because I remember while Hubby was loading them in the car, he said he was going to throw the garbage away at home instead of taking it to the dumpster.  I don't know if he thought he was loading the garbage in the car, or if he was thinking he still needed to get the garbage out of the camper, but when we returned to the camper the following weekend, we found the garbage still in the camper.

I'm not upset with Hubby and there certainly are worse things than losing some stuff, but I am sad that I lost my favorite shoes and my "tool" bag.  That tool bag had my entire collection of crochet hooks, scissors, needles, reading glasses, and all those other needfuls for stitching or crocheting.  There were also several crochet and cross stitch WIPs in the project bag as well.  

One particular WIP that makes me especially sad to have lost is the birth sampler I was stitching for my grandson.  The pic above is the pattern I had purchased.  I had stitched all the way down to where the name is, so didn't have too much left to stitch.  Of course, I was using the perfect hand-dyed fabric and a variety of specialty floss from my stash and all the information of what I was using was written on the pattern.  I haven't been able to bring myself to look for more fabric and floss yet.

I'm so lucky to have a friend that bakes and decorates yummy cookies for all occasions.  These cookies were made to celebrate my Mother-in-Law's 80th birthday on June 7 and they were so good!

Our garden is looking pretty good right now.  Hubby decided we need to hide the neighbor's stockade fence, so he he made the flag and cross trellis.  He's currently thinking of other things to make to fill up the rest of the area.

We've been able to visit with Baby L, DD#1 and our Son-in-Law while outside, but have not been able to hold Baby L yet. 

This little guy is so stinkin' cute!  

He has the cutest little feet and toes too!

Dottie Dog isn't doing well, but she sure is a happy dog.  

Hazel is loving the pool!

Hollie likes cooling off in the pool too, but prefers to show off how pretty she is.

Wishing you a Happy and Safe Summer 
July 4th Independence Day!