Thursday, September 19, 2013


Went camping and discovered
Dottie Dog loves roasted marshmallows.

Doggie sat Skye the Grand-dogger.
Oh my goodness is she cute, mischievous and fast!

í í í í

Went to the area's largest fair.
There were so many entries in all the fair categories.  One whole building was just photography.  Another building had artwork, sculpture and various collection entries.

This is one side of the six sided, 12-15 foot tall floral entry display that was in the center of the Horticulture Building.  Shelves and display racks lined the walls and were filled with fruits, vegetables and even more flowers.

Unfortunately, my phone battery died and 
this is the only pic I got from the fair.

When we stepped into yet another exhibit building, my mouth dropped open.  I could have spent the whole day there.  Half of the building was canned fruits and vegetables, breads, cakes and pastries.  The other half of the building was knitting, crocheting, quilting and needlework.   There were hundreds of cross stitch entries including ornaments, pillows, fobs, framed pieces and towels. 

Hubby and I also walked through the commercial buildings.  As we walked into one of the buildings, before I was even able to see through the crowd of people, Hubby remarked that he had never seen so many sewing machines.   The large display was at least 20 feet long and I don't know how many sewing machines were there.  I really had a hard time walking away from the machine demonstrations!  Another building had a large display of a different brand of sewing machines that was equally as impressive as the first one we saw.

Of course, we had to walk through all the farm buildings and see the cows, goats, sheep, bunnies, chickens and pigs.  Unfortunately, the horse barn was closed.  We also saw antique gas and steam engines, antique fire trucks and farm equipment and toured all the RV's on display.  

After all that, we had to sample the fair food!

Come back soon for the rest of the story....

Hubby is on vacation tomorrow, so we get a 3-day weekend!


Thursday, September 12, 2013


That's how it's going for me this week!

It all started when a customer service rep said:  "Lemme ask you sumthin, what makes you think you have the right to call and ask us anythin?"

Yea, that didn't sit well with me!  It took everything I had to bite my tongue and not say what I really wanted to say -- if you know what I mean.

Instead, I calmly asked to be transferred to his supervisor.  He informed me that he was giving me my first warning for being abusive and if it continued, he would hang up.  Again, I calmly asked to be transferred to his supervisor. 

You all know how this goes, right?  You ask to speak to a supervisor, you get put on hold F-O-R-E-V-E-R and then the person comes back to you and explains that the supervisor is

"not in the office today"
"on another call"
"in a meeting"

or whatever other excuse they can come up with.

So this guy comes back on the line and says his supervisor is on a long call with another customer.  I asked to be transferred anyway.  

I was put on hold again

and I waited...

and waited...

and waited...

until finally someone came on the line and promptly disconnected the call!  I probably should have just hung up on the guy to begin with, lol.

Nothing like a bad experience with a customer service rep to mess up your day and make everything else even more frustrating.

Things like:

The antiquated little laptop I borrowed with the touchpad that can't be shut off.  I'll be typing right along and my hand slightly touches the touchpad and all of a sudden the cursor is on the top command bar and every keystroke executes a new command!

Have any of you been having internet issues? 
Seems like everyone I know is having issues of intermittent service, slow service or no service, regardless of provider, device or type of internet service. 

In addition to the internet service issues, have you noticed that you have to click on a link more than once to get it to work?  Between the internet issues, links not working and problems within Yahoo, my inbox is overloaded with messages.  I delete a message only to have it reappear three more times or not get moved to the trash folder at all. 

Don't I sound like a Snickers commercial?  Maybe I need to hit the candy drawer!

Last week I showed you the squashed stitches used in the BAP I'm working on. 

Today, I'm showing you a tiny portion of the chart. 

This is approximately three-quarters of an inch section of the chart.  It is very tiny and very difficult to read.

I had scanned the chart to my laptop so I could enlarge it as much as I needed and stitch right from my laptop.   Then my laptop died.

I should know better, but I just couldn't stand seeing these huge weeds in my tomatoes (seriously, they just appeared practically overnight).  So I pulled them.  Wrong thing to do!  Whatever this weed is, it gave me a rash and aggravated my allergies so much that I'm congested with itchy, watery eyes, sinus headache, sneezing and just plain miserable!  Next time, I'll just wait for Hubby to get home (he doesn't have allergies, lucky man!). 

I have lots of other stuff and pics to share with you, but for today this is all I have time for.  Guess that means you'll just have to visit again, lol.


Wednesday, September 4, 2013


Ever heard of the squashed cross stitch?  Ever stitched it?

I hadn't heard of it or stitched til I started this BAP that's been giving me so much trouble.  If you don't know what a squashed cross stitch is, the pattern describes it as a full cross stitch in half the space. 

That stitch you see with the top leg going the opposite direction is actually the pattern calls a two-half stitch.
In the photo above, I've placed pointers where the squashed stitches are.  The squashed stitch is either a full stitch tall but only half the width of a full stitch or a full stitch wide but only half the height of a full stitch.

That's all the stitchy stuff I have for you today...

We had some storms roll through on Sunday.  There wasn't a drop of rain with them at my house, but just to the east of us there was at least one tornado spotted.  All pics below were taken by different local people and submitted on various websites and news programs.

We had thunder, lightning and wind, but no rain.

DD took this pic of the sky as the storms were developing.  
Awesome and eerie all at the same time!

The Hummingbirds have been very active.
This one sat long enough for me to get a few good photos!