Friday, February 19, 2016

February Catch-Up

My mojo has disappeared!
I have no anticipation to start a new project and no desire to pick up my needle, 
although there's no shortage of beautiful designs to tempt me.

I embroidered 18 baptism napkins for my church and that's the only stitching I've done so far this year.

Rather than pushing myself to start a project, I'll just wait it out and hope that stitchy bug returns. 
When I lost my mojo a couple of years ago, I felt really unsettled and that upset me - a lot.  
I'm trying to stay relaxed and not stress out about it.


I'm not the only one watching the birds in my back yard.

Not one...not two...not three...

Yes, that's FOUR feral black cats in my trees!

It's no wonder I haven't had many birds visiting the feeders like they used to.

I was excited to see the cardinal pair briefly return to my backyard.  


Meet Hollie, my youngest DD's new puppy.  
Hollie, an Australian Shepherd, is only 3 weeks old and not yet ready to leave her mom.  

These are the parents and Hollie will look like her mom -- the red tri-color on the right.

I'm ready for the weekend!