Tuesday, March 3, 2020

Spring is Coming!

Hello Friends,

What signs of spring do you look for every year?  For me, I look for robins, flowers poking up through the soil and the local ice cream shop opening.  I can confidently say, spring is coming!  The ice cream shop opened last week, the Resurrection Lilies are popping up and I saw a robin in my front yard yesterday.  WooHoo!

Can you believe my grandson, Baby L, is 7 weeks old already?  He is so perfect and so sweet.  DD#1 and her hubby are adjusting to being first time parents.  DD#1 wasn't feeling well a few weeks ago and I insisted that she call her doctor because she was so dizzy and had passed out a couple times.  She was diagnosed with anemia and put on iron supplements.  She is starting to feel a little better and has decided to wait until after spring break to return to teaching.  I'm so glad that I am close by and can help her when needed.

DD#2 is enjoying her last days in Texas.  She will be heading to Virginia next week to begin Captain's training.  She'll be in training through October and doesn't yet know where she will be going when she's done with training. 

The triplets will be celebrating their second birthday on March 16th.  My niece is just starting to venture out on her own with all four boys.  She gets panicky and flustered when they all decide to take off in different directions, so she tends to stay home.  When one starts doing something, they all start doing the same thing, like throwing all the blocks down the stairs that are double blocked with baby gates, blowing bubbles with their saliva, or taking their shirts & pants off so they can run around in just their diapers. 

Haven't been doing much crafty stuff, but I did knit a little bear hat and diaper cover for Baby L's newborn photos. 

This year, I'm trying to "use what I have" and choosing projects that can be started, worked on or finished up with the stash I already have.  As my grandma would always say, "make do with what you have."  Have you been successful at using what you have and have any tips to pass along?

I pray that you and your loved ones are healthy and safe!

Until next time,

Happy Stitchin'