Friday, April 4, 2014

It's the Weekend -- finally!

Oh what a week it has been! 

Between family drama, witnessing an altercation between two employees in my office and a health scare with my daughter, I am a stressed out wreck.

How do you handle stress?  What helps you when you feel overwhelmed?  I just feel like running away or hiding under the covers and staying in bed.  I generally handle stress pretty well, but this week it's been an overload.

I've been working on a large piece for a client.  I don't grid my fabric very often, however, due to the size of this piece, I decided to do a little gridding.  Normally, I use a fine red fishing line, but I ran out.  Instead, I used a black filament thread that I had in my sewing basket.  

The black thread is working well -- except for one thing.

I leave tails so removal will be easier.

The black thread tails made me think I had a spider on my fabric!  
It startled me so much that I tossed the fabric across the room.
Hubby laughed and laughed and laughed at me, lol.

I finally purchased a new laptop.  It has Windows 8.1, but I'm finding it to be really slow.  I'm talking about super slow.  Slow on the internet, slow opening or saving files, slow opening and running programs.  It's so frustrating!  Anyone else running Windows 8.1 and having the same issues?  

Have a great, relaxing weekend!



  1. Sorry you had a very stressful week. Hope the weekend is a big improvement. You spider scare...very funny. Iam still onXP! Gotta get on that pronto!

  2. Sorry about the stress Pam, tomorrow is always another day.
    Life today is full of stress but rise above it, go for a walk, put on a happy film or stitch. I find my stitching helps me the most.
    Think possitive thoughts and right down the good things in your life right now big hugs .

  3. What I do, and what relieves the stress is prayer. I hand it over to God.
    I laughed at the spider. ;)

  4. I do have to admit I did chuckle a little at you thinking the black thread was a spider and throwing the fabric across the room.

    Sorry to hear you've had a stressful week. I hope the DD is okay? I guess stitching is my stress reliever as it takes my mind off whatever bothers me since I have to concentrate on stitching so no frogs visit.

  5. I'm laughing as I'm picturing your fabric flying across the room because you thought a spider was on it ... lol! I would have done the exact same thing! Even the smallest one freaks me out! So sorry about the high stress week. When I'm stressed out, I pray or repeat Bible verses in my mind ... or sometimes out loud! And breathe deeply : )

  6. The thread does look a bit like a spider! That was my first impression when I looked at the picture!

  7. Gridding is sometimes helpful but I don't like to take the time to put it in. :)
    Sorry you had a tough week! Maybe instead of running away,you could just run - or take a long walk in a nice park. Hope things are better next week.

  8. Well at least after a tough week you can still laugh. The spider story is something I would have done too. Glad your daughter is OK. as for the computer,sorry I am no help. When I am stresses I sit like a zombie in front if the TV.

  9. I'm glad for you that it is the week-end and some of the things that stressed you out seem to be ok. Thank goodness your daughter is ok. I read a very good book that takes me away from my present! Audio books also help. I love to stitch and listen to a great book at the same time. Cute spider story.

  10. Glad it wasn't a real spider, Pam! I have a problem with those nasty stink bugs landing on my work now and then and scaring me to death--they just appear out of nowhere. I don't think they've reached your area of the U.S. yet, have they? Watch out--they're coming!!

    Hope this week is less stressful--I do find exercising and stitching get me through those tense times quite well...

  11. I hope that this week is better!
    Stitch on! :)

  12. Hope the stress has now gone away. Spiders ... LOL.


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