Thursday, December 8, 2011

Hmmm... Day 8

This morning, I had to move the vehicle my youngest daughter usually drives.  Turned the key and blew out my eardrums because the music was so loud.  Once I recovered and found the volume knob, I noticed...

Deep, long inhale...oh that smells so good...deep, long inhale...ahhhh...

Since I had to leave for work and she was still in bed sleeping, I sent her a text message when I got to work.  It said, "whomever the last guy you had in your vehicle was, he sure smelled good!  I really like his aftershave."

Her reply to me was:  "HAHAHAHAHAHAHA it's an air freshener lol" and then a second later, another text saying "I really like it cuz it smells like a guy".

All I can say is I want to find that scent for Hubby!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I was asked what outfit, accessory or beauty item lifts my spirit and why. 

My answer to the that question is simply, my favorite color ~~ PINK ~~ whether it's a light pink sweater, bright pink scarf and gloves, a pretty pink lipstick or a pink bra and panties, an item in my favorite color instantly comforts me and that lifts my spirit!

Not that I'm intentionally carrying on with the pink theme, although that's not a bad idea...

As I was contemplating my answer to the above question, I was preparing a cup of hot cocoa.  I pulled my mug out of the cabinet and looked at the design.  Pink and red tulips.  Ok, well some things we intentionally acquire because they have our favorite color, but what about the unintentional things?  I pulled the milk out of the fridge...the skim milk from my store has a pink label!  I don't buy the milk because it has a pink label, it's just a coincidence.

That got me to thinking about when Hubby shops with me and he "helps" pick up the items we need.  Hubby walks to the dairy cooler to get the cottage cheese, he walks back to me and asks, "Which one do we usually get?"  Well, I honestly can't remember if it's the large curd or small curd, but I do know what the carton looks like so I tell Hubby, "It's the pink and white one".

I walked around my house just looking at things and I find pink everywhere -- some intentionally chosen, but it was amazing to see how many items were quite coincidental.  Items like a power strip that was passed on to us from a friend, a plastic basket of dog toys that came with Dottie when we adopted her, a Happy Birthday postcard from the dentist, a hand written thank you on an invoice for an eBay order, the pink grapefruit dish soap on the counter (ok, that one can go either way, but I really only buy it for the grapefruit scent).  Oh, I could go on and on, but I won't bore you, lol.

What is your favorite color?  How many items in your favorite color can you find in your home, office or car?  How many of those are coincidental?

Thank you God for putting color into our lives!

Until next time,
Happy Stitchin' 

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  1. I don't really have a favorite color cuz I like them all.

    That's too funny about the car "scent". LOL


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