Sunday, December 4, 2011

A December Daily Challenge

My daughter is doing a couple of daily challenges in December.  One is a daily drawing challenge and yet another one is a daily photo challenge.  She found a website with what each day's challenge is.  For example, one day was to draw yourself and I must admit her self portrait was pretty good.  One of the photo challenges was to photograph a silhouette.  We had been cutting paper snowflakes of all shapes and sizes so she taped several of them to the window and played with settings on her new camera to capture the snowflake silhouettes.

As an artist who hasn't picked up a drawing pencil or paintbrush in many years, my daughter challenged me to do the drawing challenge with her.  Well that hasn't quite happened yet, even though my daughter offered to let me use her drawing tablet and pencils.

I'm challenging myself to post a daily entry to my blog for the whole month of December.  I know, I'm already a few days late, but I plan to catch up!  This post will count as my December 1st post, lol.

Until next time,
Happy Stitchin!

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  1. Good luck to both of you in doing the daily challenges. As you can see, I'm wayyyyy behind on my blog reading. I have over 1000 blog posts to read. LOL


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