Sunday, December 4, 2011

December 3rd (and my 3rd post)

Awoke yesterday morning to that annoying beep that can only be my alarm clock.  With my eyes barely open, I reached over to shut it off and peek at the time.  4:15 A.M.  Wait, I don't get up that early and now Hubby is poking me in the ribs.  Shut that thing off, he moans.  I press the button, but nothing.  The noise won't stop.  Press the button again, still nothing.  Now I'm sitting up in bed, pressing the off button continually, and the clock is still beeping.  Oh, Oh, now Hubby is up too.  Together we're trying to figure out why it won't shut off.  Hubby pulls the plug...but still the beeping doesn't stop.  Are we in a movie?  Are we being punked?  Now we're both wide awake and look at each other with what must have been a dumb, blank stare while still hearing the beeping.  And then it dawns on us!  The beeping wasn't my alarm clock at all.  The neighbor's old, junky car parked across the street is having a horn malfunction!!!  

What a wonderful way to start my birthday!  We did fall back asleep for a few more hours though.  It did bring a chuckle several times throughout the day and I'm sure it will be something we chuckle over for a long time.

My youngest daughter called me Friday night and said I shouldn't make dinner because she wanted to cook.  That was a shock, but I never turn down a kid who wants to make dinner.  She made cheesy chicken breasts, garlic mashed potatoes, fancy cut green beans with bacon and a colorful salad of lettuce, red, yellow and green peppers, tomatoes, cucumbers and shredded carrots.  Dessert was chocolate cheesecake that she bought on the way home.  As we sat down to eat, she said since she was a college kid without much money, this was my birthday gift from her.  It was so sweet!  She could have made hotdogs and mac n cheese and it would have been just as special.  The best gift was her spending time with me!

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Happy Stitchin'


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  1. The story about the neighbor's car is just too funny. I can just picture the whole scenario in my head, lol.

    It was very thoughtful of your DD to make dinner.


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