Monday, December 5, 2011

5th December Post! 

Ever look at a dog while they are sleeping?  Yesterday, my two lazy girls were snoozing on the sofa together.  They looked so peaceful and seemed to be sleeping so comfortably.  It's been so long since I've slept well and I sure wish I could sleep like my dogs do. 

 Hubby and I just got home from looking for a small Christmas tree, mini ornaments and an lighted outdoor decoration for my mom.  We did find a little 2 foot artificial tree and some pretty glass ornaments, but we had to go to 5 different stores!  Never did find an appropriate outdoor decoration because the stores only had a few display items left.  Either the stores didn't stock many of the items to begin with or everyone purchased new decorations this year.  It's frustrating to have gone to so many stores and not find all that I was looking for.

Do you all have your decorations up?  We pulled the boxes down from the attic and put the outside lights up right after Thanksgiving, but we don't have any of the indoor decorations put up yet. 

We're not doing any shopping this year either.  A few years ago, my side of the family had decided that we weren't going to exchange gifts any more because we wanted to celebrate Christmas just by being together.  It's been really nice to just have a special dinner and spend time together.  This year, Hubby's side of the family also decided not to exchange gifts. 

I hope that whatever traditions you and your family share for this time of year is everything you wish for it to be!

Until next time...
Happy Stitchin'

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  1. I put my trees and decorations up last the weekend. I have two 4ft prelit trees that I put my stitched ornaments on, and some smaller ornaments. I hope you get some sleep soon :)


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