Thursday, December 22, 2011

22 Days

My First Time...

I was a naive, young girl and we had just moved to a new city.  I met the girl who lived next door.  She told me it was ok, lots of people do it and I could do it too.  Mom always told me I wouldn't be able to and couldn't do it, but Grandma was less critical and instructed me to be careful.

My new friend let me in on all her knowledge for her young age and even shared some of her tips.  After lying to my mom, my new friend and I walked downtown to find what we needed.  Once we completed our mission, we headed back home.  From that moment on, I just couldn't stop!

I was addicted and just couldn't get enough.  Back in those days, it was easy to find just about everywhere and I would spend hours looking.  I did have some misconceptions, however and found that I was much slower at finishing than starting, which did create some problems.  That really didn't bother me so much at first, but even today it still kind of haunts me.

Stitched on 11 count Ivory Aida

My stitches look neat and even, but I used all six strands of floss.  I didn't know I should separate the strands.

The back isn't too bad, but I would never carry a thread that far today!

I guess you could say I still haven't finished this one since it's been in a box all these years.

Come back tomorrow for the continuation of this story!

Until next time...
Happy Stitchin'

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  1. It looks pretty darn good. How old were you when you did it the first time? lol


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