Saturday, May 28, 2011

Friendship Bird is almost finished!

I saw this posted on someone's blog and it just said, "You need to stitch me right now"!  I actually had the pattern because it's from the Gift of Stitching magazine (Jan/Feb 2011 issue), so up to my craft room I went.  I pulled out all the necessary threads and even found a light minty green piece of 32 ct Lugana.  Sat down in my comfy chair and stitched it in just a couple of hours.

The colors don't show up as vibrant as they truly are, but it reminds me of the colors from the 60's or 70's.  Now the difficult part -- how do I finish it?  The project in the magazine is finished as a pinkeep, but I was thinking more along the lines of an ornament.  I haven't decided if I want to stitch it again in reverse so the front and back will be the same or just have a plain back side.  I know that I want to make some tassels out of left over thread for the tail. 

My shade gardens are loving the cloudy skies and rain! We had over 6 inches of rain in a 24 hour period from Wednesday morning through Thursday morning.  Hubby and I were driving home during the heaviest rain and had to turn around 3 different times because of flash flooding.  The water was running off the farm fields like raging rivers.

Coral Bells, Hostas and Resurrection Lilies

Astilbe, Hostas and Coral Bells
My iris beds are doing awesome this year also.  I have a blooming bush in the back corner of my yard that is really beautiful too.  I can't remember what kind of bush it is, but I picked it out because it has two of my favorite things -- Flowers and the color Pink!

My smallest Iris bed

Pink flowering bush

Craft Room Organization

When I was at Staples picking up ink for my printer last week, I just HAD to go look at the Really Useful Boxes.  Ended up buying 4 of the 8.1 litre boxes (you can see them here).  The suggested use is for envelopes, and I haven't decided what I'm going to use them for, but it won't be envelopes, lol.  DD#1 had a really hard time convincing me that I don't need the little, itty bitty boxes they also have.  What crafter doesn't need more storage boxes? And the best part - with  my Staples Rewards, I only had to pay the tax!

Until next time,
Happy Stitching!


  1. That bird looks gorgeous. Congrats with this beautiful finish.
    Love your garden pics too.

  2. Your bird came out beautiful. I can see it as an ornament! Your flowers are so beautiful. I wish I had an yard to do some gardening.

  3. The bird is really neat, anyway you finish will be great. Your garden is looking very nice as well.

  4. Beautiful stitching on bird & fantastic looking gardens.
    chris b

  5. Your bird turned out beautiful!

  6. Your gardens are lovely. My hostas are loving the weather, too. They're huge! I didn't know coral bells are shade plants. No wonder they didn't do so well last year... I have them out in the sun.

    Nice job on your WIP. Can't wait to see it finish-finished.

    (who blogger won't let comment normally)

  7. It's adorable!! I love the colors. Also, your flowers are looking beautiful!

  8. Cute bird! Lovely gardens and flowers. The pink plant is a Weigela plant. I have 2 and they are lovely.


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