Tuesday, May 17, 2011

What is the Hardanger Club?

That was a headline in the local newspaper last week.  Imagine my surprise to learn there is an Hardanger Club in my area and I actually know a few of the members.  You can read about the Hardanger Club Here

Stitching Progress?
Not much stitching happening right now.  I'm working on some Bride's Tree Ornaments and trying to find substitutes for some colors.  I'd like to use some overdyed floss instead of solid DMC colors, but I discovered that it's harder to find a substitute than one would think.  I can find all kinds of brands of fibers and their DMC conversion, but I haven't found any DMC to a particular brand conversion.  It's not so easy to look for the DMC color when the numbers are not in order.

Other Happenings...

My youngest DD turned 18 on the 7th and graduates from high school this Saturday.  The last soccer game was last week and their season ended with only a couple points scored and no wins.  One of DD's teammates didn't have her full uniform and was not allowed to play.  The girl's mother complained to the coach at half time because her daughter wasn't being allowed to play.  It resulted in an argument and the mother pulled her daughter from the team.  The teammate was so angry at her mother that she threw a tantrum on the sidelines just before the second half of the game started.  She threw all the team's gear, kicked the bench, threw the coach's clipboard and files, dumped the cooler and ripped the ball bags.  The mother walked her daughter off the field, but made it a point to stop in front of the bleachers to very loudly tell all of us spectators just how she felt about the coach and that she was going to the school board to have the coach fired and all the way to the Supreme Court to appeal the rule that states a player has to be in full uniform to play any sport.

We attended a scholastic awards program and DD received several awards as well as a nice monetary scholarship.  A week later we attended the sports awards ceremony.  DD said she was sure she wouldn't receive any awards because her teammates were the ones voting on who would win the awards.  She was very surprised to be awarded the Most Valuable Player trophies for both soccer and bowling.  We have always told DD she was the most supportive teammate any team could have, so it was really nice to see that her teammates recognized it too.

My mom has made her spinal fracture worse because she refused to follow doctor's orders and wear the back brace as instructed.  As a result, she will now have to have spinal surgery to stabilize the fracture.  Went for all the pre-op testing and surgery has been put on hold due to abnormal blood test results, severe bladder infection and cardiac irregularities on the EKG.  Now, on top of everything else, mom has to have additional medical treatment for the bladder infection and abnormal blood test results.  She will also need to wear a heart monitor for at least 7 days, have a nuclear stress test and then be evaluated by the cardiologist in order to determine if she is strong enough to make it through surgery.

So much stress and every time the pain gets worse, I panic and think the shingles are flaring up again.  My doctor said I could have the pain for 12 weeks AFTER the rash disappeared.  I looked at the calendar and counted the weeks ~~ and the 12 weeks ends in the middle of June.  I will be one happy camper when the shingles are gone for good.

Hubby is gone this week for training for his job.  Thought I would like not having my sleep disrupted by all of Hubby's "noises", blanket stealing and bed hogging, but I've been waking up every hour all night long, every night since he left.  Having him gone sure makes the week seem so long -- I know, it's only Tuesday!

Until next time,
Happy Stitching!




  1. Congrats to your DD on the awards and the upcoming graduation.

    Yeah, it's hard to sleep when you're used to someone sleeping next to you, no matter how annoying they might be. ;-)

  2. Been there with the shingles and they are definitely not fun. I had them several years ago and that area still bothers me when its real cold out or I get really stressed which has been quite often lately. Congratulations to your daughter on her scholarship. Everything helps for college. My daughter was able to go her first year on all scholarships and part of her 2nd year also.

  3. That's quite a soccer mom that other girl has - poor thing. Congratulations to your daughter, both for the team awards and the money. I hope you and your mother get healthy again.

  4. Congratulations to your daughter. Will be praying for your Mom and hope you feel better soon, will also pray for you.



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