Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Backyard Visitors

I put this feeder up last year and never had a single bird come to it.  Now they are fighting over it!  My pics aren't too good because I have a simple digital camera and I had to take them from inside the house.

Birth Record Finished!

I was able to get alot of stitching done this week and got the Birth Record finished.  My camera doesn't do the colors justice.  The colors are nice and bright and I'm pleased with how it turned out.

Prom Weekend #1 

This past Saturday was my youngest daughter's Senior Prom.  Her date is from another school, so his prom is this coming Saturday.  Winds were about 40 mph all day on Saturday and all that kept going through my mind was all the girls going to get their hair done for prom.

It was a long weekend for us parents.  From 5 pm until 1 am on Friday, us parents set up for the Afterglow and set up the decorations in the gym for picture taking before the dinner & dance.  After the dance, around 11 pm, the students come back to the gym for formal introductions and then the students go into another area of the school for the Afterglow, which is a drug free, alcohol free alternative for students.  They are locked in until 3 am and there are prizes, food, music and all sorts of games.  Us parents take down the decorations in the gym and work the games for the Afterglow.  The kids really seem to like the Afterglow and we had 100% participation this year -- meaning all the couples that attended prom also attended the Afterglow.

Daughter and her date

Daughter and her group

Welcome Frog?

I like frogs when they aren't coming to interrupt my stitching progress, but I'm afraid if I had this sitting in my garden or yard, the froggies would never leave.

Happy Stitching, until next time!


  1. Sometimes it takes a while for finches to come, but once they do... they'll come in swarms. :)

    Congrats on your birth sampler finish. It's really cute.

    So does DD wear the same dress to both proms? Or, do you buy two dresses? Again, inquiring minds... lol (Never went to prom so I don't have a clue)

  2. Your daughter is beautiful!! Nice job on the birth record and I love your frog! He is adorable! So now that your birth record is finished what are you going to stitch next?

  3. Your daughter is so pretty and her dress is to die for. Hope she had a good time. The birth record is really nice and as to the birds sometimes it takes them a while to find things, they will tell all their friends and you will have even more next year.

  4. Your frog is so cute! Your daughter is very beautiful. It is so nice when parents get involve with the prom with their children, even it is an after activity. Your baby sampler came out great. Congrats on the finish

  5. What a lovely picture of the birds in your yard and your frog ornament. Your birth record is beautiful.

    Your daughter and her friends look so nice in their prom wear.


  6. That frog is so cute!
    Your daughter looks so beautiful.
    congrats on finishing the birthrecord, it looks fantastic

  7. Your birth sampler finished up beautifully!! Oh, My.....your daughter looks so wonderful in her dress - my daughter is a sophomore and we are dreading seeing her look so grown up. I think my husband will have a very hard time with it :o)

  8. The birth sampler is absolutely adorable, Pam.
    Your dear daughter look's lovely.

    Take Care & Happy Stitchin'
    Hugs, Sandy

  9. The birth record is just so precious, Pam! And your daughter is beautiful. You must be sooo proud!

  10. The birth record is just adorable! Your daughter looks beautiful as all the girls did!

  11. Love your garden welcome frog. Too cute. :)
    Your daughter and her friends are all so beautiful. I hope they all had a fabulous time at the prom.
    Love, love, love your birth record finish!
    And best of all I love the bird feeder photo. I had to stop filling mine. The feral cats were killing the birds and leaving them. No fun chasing Rory around for the dead bird. LOL
    Thank you for your comment on my blog. :)

  12. Love your welcome frog. Too Cute!!

    Your birth sampler is adorable. Congrats on the finish :)


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