Tuesday, June 7, 2011

A Cheerful Flower

After yesterday's high heat and humidity, everything and everyone seems to be droopy and lacking energy.  Well, everyone and everything except this pretty, little flower!  It is standing tall and facing the morning sunrise, so I took it's picture.

Friendship Bird Finished

I finished the Friendship Bird as an ornie. I did stitch the design again in reverse for the back side.  It wasn't as hard as I thought to stitch the pattern in reverse, but I wouldn't want to do it on a more intricate design.  Not sure yet if it will stay in my collection or become a gift.

Birthday Card & Floss Received

I received a late birthday card and floss from an exchange I was part of last year.  I can honestly say I've never received flower seeds in a birthday card or as a birthday gift -- I guess that's because it's difficult to find flower seeds in Illinois in December!  Thanks Pam K.

Weather, health and a bit of GOOD NEWS

After nearly a week of rain amounting to nearly 12 inches of rainfall, flash flooding and field runoff, it's turned very hot and humid in my area of Illinois.  Yesterday the actual temp was in the upper 90's and the humidity was 90%.  Hubby hates the heat and humidity, but he refuses to turn on the a/c because it's too early in the summer, plus it's expensive to cool our house (and our electric company just got an 8% rate increase).

Still feeling the pain from the shingles, but by my calculations, next week will be 12 weeks since the rash dried up.  Hopefully this horrible virus is winding down!

Took my mom back to the orthopedic doctor last Thursday.  The good news is that the fracture has stabilized.  Since it's been 9 weeks since she fractured the vertebra and she has significant risks with surgery, the doctor advised that she should not have surgery.  Because of my mom's long term dependency of pain medications, the doctor has also started with pain medication withdrawal process.  So far mom is tolerating the withdrawal process fairly well.

Until next time,
Stay Cool & Happy Stitching!


  1. Love it how your ornament turned out. Love those colors - so cheerful. Just as the little flower. :)
    Glad for your mum that she is not needing surgery.

  2. That flower is beautiful, so glad it can withstand all that heat and humidity! Also happy to hear you and your mom are doing well health wise! I love the finished bird ornament, the tassels are beautiful.

  3. Your friendship bird is very unique! Congrats on the finish.

    Do you have ComEd? I've been hearing on the news our rates are going to increase 8% next year, too. (I have ComEd) I only run my AC unit to get the humidity out. If I keep my windows closed and shades down, it's usually about 10F cooler in the house.

    Glad to hear your shingles are getting better. And that your Mom is doing better, too.

    Pretty flower!

    (who blogger is finiky about commenting)

  4. Friendship bird is the cutest pattern anywhere, and you did a wonderful job with it. I'm glad your shingles is clearing up. I hope the weather improves for you. 90 degrees at 90 percent sounds pretty foul.

  5. The ornie is beautiful. I wouldn't part with it if I were you!

    Gorgeous flower. Sorry to hear about the heat and humidity. That is one thing I don't miss about Illinois, the humidity.

    Blogger won't let me log in to officially comment.

  6. Cute bird finish. I had to go from furnace to AC within 3 days of each other! With 90+ temps and humidity....my AC is staying on, $$ or not. You can't take it with you! LOL

  7. Your orni turned out adorable! Glad that your shingles is finally winding down and that your mom is doing well on the program to help her with withdrawal from pain me4dication.

    What part of Illinois are you in? I am in East Central IL, Danville specifically.

  8. Cute finish and the flower is beautiful!

    Mary Louise in IN

  9. Between whatever you did and what I've done on my end I can now leave comments on your blog!!


  10. your orni looks great.
    Beautiful flower.


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