Saturday, May 13, 2017


It's been a little chaotic around here!

Hollie is back with us for the summer.  Her mom will be at a different base for the summer and since she'll be living in tents, she couldn't take Hollie with her.   Hollie, Hazel and Dottie are all getting along really well.

Hollie and Hazel are two peas in a pod.

Hazel turned 5 months old this week.  She is so sweet and learning so much.  Hollie is very tolerant of Hazel and all the puppy things she does.

DD (Hollie's mom) also had a birthday this week.  I can't believe how fast 24 years went by.

DD got to spend her 24th birthday in Italy visiting her boyfriend, Michael.  He is also an Army Officer and stationed in Italy.  They met last summer during their first Army assignment after college graduation and then were in officer training together last fall.

Since we took the large maple tree down in February, we've had many birds flying into one dining room window.  

Hubby read that soap could be used to draw a grid on the window and that would help the birds avoid the window.  So we're trying it and the neighbors think it looks strange, but so far, no birds have flown into the window.


Ode to Ort Basket
Design by With Thy Needle and Thread
Unknown Fabric and GAST threads from my stash

Wishing all the Moms

Have an awesome weekend!

Monday, April 3, 2017

Happy Spring!

It happens every year.  We have spring-like weather early and then when spring officially arrives, it's gray, chilly, damp and rainy -- or in some cases, snowy.

Hazel experienced her first snow when we had a 6 inch snowfall on March 13.  She had fun trying to find the grass and she loved running around in the snow.

Hazel is now 15 weeks old and we're working on manners and housetraining.  I love watching her figure things out and the way she tilts her head from side to side when she's listening.

Haven't been doing much stitching, crocheting or crafting, although I have started another project.

I saw this design from With Thy Needle and HAD to order it.  I've selected my fabric and threads and put in about a dozen stitches.  Hazel doesn't understand that she can't play with my fabric, thread, pattern, scissors or needle, so I haven't been able to sit and stitch unless she's napping.  I can tell you one thing, she doesn't nap much or long at all, lol.

Hubby has been really sick with a severe respiratory infection.  When he's sick, the whole household comes screeching to a complete stop.  Hubby was so sick that he actually asked me to take him to the doctor.  He has returned to work, but he's still not feeling well.  He barely makes it through dinner and then goes to bed.  In our 28 years of marriage, I have never seen him this sick and it worries me.

I was given a little 2 inch pot of mini Daffodils last spring and planted them in my garden last summer.  I was pleasantly surprised to see that they came up and bloomed last week.

Until next time,
Have a great week!

Thursday, February 23, 2017

LHN Summer Garden

I've been looking for this pattern/kit for several years.  There were a couple traveling patterns that were going around, but I was never lucky enough to be selected as the next stitcher.

I'd given up on finding the pattern after the traveling patterns disappeared.  Out of the blue, I decided to look on eBay and actually found an active auction for the LHN Summer Garden kit!

I'm so excited to finally have this kit.  The kit contains the pattern and Crescent Colours thread pack.   Now I just need to go through my fabric stash to find the perfect fabric.

Until next time,
Keep Stitchin'

Wednesday, February 15, 2017


Thank you for all the name suggestions!  We've named her Hazel.

When Hazel was with her litter mates, she was described as shy and would often go lay down away from her siblings.  Since she's been in our house, there have been no signs of her being shy.   She is curious about everything around her and doesn't seem to be afraid of anything.

Hazel knows her name, comes when we call her, chases the tennis ball and brings it back, goes to the back door when she needs to go "potty" and sits to get a treat.

Dottie and Hazel are getting to know each other and getting closer every day.

Spring must be coming...

...the Resurrection Lilies are coming up!  I've been hearing robins for several weeks, but I haven't actually seen them yet.

It was beautiful here on Saturday so we went for a drive.  We saw HUGE flocks of migrating birds in the sky.  I have never seen so many birds.  Even as we drove under one flock, ahead of us there would be another and another and another.  They looked like some kind of duck, but they were so high in the sky it was hard to tell for sure.  We saw one flock coming down in a distant field.  There had to have been thousands of birds landing in that field and the large white birds made the field look like it was covered in deep snow.  

Since we were driving on the interstate, we couldn't pull over to take photos.  I searched the internet when we got home and discovered that we saw migrating Snow Geese.

Here's a great video I found on Snow Geese migration.  It was awesome seeing a small part of the Snow Geese migration!

Hope your week is going well
Be Safe


Saturday, February 11, 2017

Need Suggestions

Remember in my last post when I told you about Dottie and how sad she's been without Hollie?

Well, Dottie has a new sister! 

She's a sweet, soft, little 6 pound ball of fur!  

We need help in naming her and welcome suggestions!

Have a safe weekend!

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Oh my... is January 2017 almost over?  

Gosh, the days are just flying by.  

My super son-in-law made shelves for my birthday and he even included installation of the shelves as part of the gift.  I put off having him come until last weekend because we've been so busy.  I haven't decided what else to put on the shelves yet, but I'm so pleased with how they turned out.

A partial order of the sleds arrived just in time for Christmas.  I forgot to take a final pic of the ornaments, but here they are mid-finishing.

I also crocheted a baby hat for our niece's baby boy and was able to give it to him when we met him for the first time on Christmas Day.  

The middle of December, Hubby and I traveled to visit our youngest DD at the military base for her graduation from the 4 month training program.  It was a quick 3 day trip, but so nice to see DD. 

Bonus -- we left home in sub-zero temps with -20F windchill and it was in the upper 50's where DD was. Everyone from there was bundled up (like we would be if we were still in Illinois) and kept telling us to stay warm.  Hubby and I didn't even wear jackets, lol.

We also got to meet DD's friend, Michael.

DD only had a few days to come home and pack the moving trailer before heading out to her new base. She was able to spend Christmas with us, but had to leave the following day.  It was wonderful having the whole family together for Christmas.  I can't believe no one thought to take pictures.  Oh well, we have memories.

Hollie was so happy to spend Christmas with her mom.  

When DD left, she had to leave some things behind, including Hollie.  We thought Hollie might be staying with us forever -- that is until DD called and asked us to meet her so she could get Hollie.  So we packed up Hollie and her toys and drove 500 miles to meet up with DD.

Hollie was so happy to see her mom.  This is the look she gave us when we told her to be a good girl. 

DD sent this pic of Hollie in her new home and says Hollie is very happy and getting along so good with their roommates and the other dogs in the house.  It's good that Hollie has some doggie roommates to play with.  

I bet you can guess what I'm going to write next... 

We miss them both so much!  

Dottie is so sad and lonely without Hollie.  She's barely eating, won't play and only lays in the spots where Hollie always laid.  It breaks my heart seeing Dottie so sad.  It's been suggested that we add another dog to our family and we're considering that.

Until next time,