Friday, November 17, 2017

Oh my, it has been a long time...

Hello, dear friends, it's been a while.  We've been so very busy these past weeks.  

After DD's surprise visit in September, she wasn't able to come home in October like she had planned.  Instead, I was able to take a long weekend to visit her in Texas.  We won't get to have her here for Thanksgiving, but she is planning on coming home for Christmas.  Since she will be deployed the beginning of May, I'm going to try to visit her several times between January and May.  

My oldest DD is feeling better and has actually gained a few pounds, but still weighs less than 100 pounds.  She went back to the doctor a few weeks ago and has been instructed to wean off the medication to see how she does.  So far, she's been doing well with less medication.

It's been pretty rough for my mom as she has been having many medical issues resulting in emergency room visits, doctor appointments, tests, procedures and even a couple of surgeries.  

In early November, we got to celebrate some birthdays.

Mom turned 77 and her brother, Uncle D, turned 75.  We gathered at a local Italian restaurant for a wonderful dinner.

My niece and her husband announced that they are expecting again.  After several failed IVF attempts and 2 miscarriages, they were blessed with a successful pregnancy and had Baby Daniel a year ago.  They decided to try IVF one more time and found out they are having TRIPLETS!  Last week's ultrasound shows they are having 3 identical boys.  We are so excited and, yet, anxious at the same time.  We already know she will be going on bedrest around Christmas time for the remainder of her pregnancy hoping to make it as close to her May due date as possible.

Somehow with everything going on, I did find some time to stitch 6 ornaments for gifts.  I will share those pics when I have them completely finished.

My friend asked me to paint the wooden butterflies he's been making and I was glad to help. 

These are just a few of the 20+ butterflies I've painted this fall.  

Hazel is 11 months old!  

Dottie Dog, Hazel and Hollie think it's treat time, lol.



  1. Pam, I am glad to hear your daughter is feeling better and improving. That is good news to read. I can't believe Hazel is already 11 months. Where did that time go? The butterflies are sweet; nice that you were able to help your friend out with the painting. Wishing you and yours a very blessed Thanksgiving.

  2. Hello! I hope that you get lots of visits with DD up till when she deploys. And I am certainly happy that your oldest is doing better and getting off the meds, but it would be nice if she could gain some weight. And oh my--your niece is having identical triplets now! Wow! I understand the worry that accompanies that... and pray that everything goes well, towards a safe, long pregnancy! Great picture of the doggies!! Hugs!

  3. I am sorry that your daughter still struggles with her health. I am praying. I am praying also for your niece and those triplets! Wow! You painted the butterflies wonderfully.

  4. Hope you daughter continues to feel better. Triplets!! OMG!!! Hope they have lots of relatives closeby and she has an event free pregnancy. Wow. Four boys under 2!! God bless!

  5. Glad your daughter is feeling better.
    Sorry to hear about your Mom's health problems.
    The Butterflies are so pretty, and the doggies are all so cute.
    Dottie looks happy with her companions close by.
    Have a great Thanksgiving!

  6. I hope your DD continues to do well and you do get to visit your daughter who will be deployed. Three babies, what a handful and a blessing! I hope all goes well for her.

  7. Triplets! Very exciting news! I'll be keeping her in my prayers that all will go well for her and the babies.

  8. Lots going on with you and yours! Triplets - wow! Talk about life-changing. Your butterflies are stunning.


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