Wednesday, February 15, 2017


Thank you for all the name suggestions!  We've named her Hazel.

When Hazel was with her litter mates, she was described as shy and would often go lay down away from her siblings.  Since she's been in our house, there have been no signs of her being shy.   She is curious about everything around her and doesn't seem to be afraid of anything.

Hazel knows her name, comes when we call her, chases the tennis ball and brings it back, goes to the back door when she needs to go "potty" and sits to get a treat.

Dottie and Hazel are getting to know each other and getting closer every day.

Spring must be coming...

...the Resurrection Lilies are coming up!  I've been hearing robins for several weeks, but I haven't actually seen them yet.

It was beautiful here on Saturday so we went for a drive.  We saw HUGE flocks of migrating birds in the sky.  I have never seen so many birds.  Even as we drove under one flock, ahead of us there would be another and another and another.  They looked like some kind of duck, but they were so high in the sky it was hard to tell for sure.  We saw one flock coming down in a distant field.  There had to have been thousands of birds landing in that field and the large white birds made the field look like it was covered in deep snow.  

Since we were driving on the interstate, we couldn't pull over to take photos.  I searched the internet when we got home and discovered that we saw migrating Snow Geese.

Here's a great video I found on Snow Geese migration.  It was awesome seeing a small part of the Snow Geese migration!

Hope your week is going well
Be Safe



  1. Hazel is a great name for your new sweetie. Sounds like she is a smart little girl.

  2. Great name for the puppy. Welcome signs of spring.

  3. Hazel is a little doll! It must have been fun seeing all the snow geese migrating. We, too, have little signs of Spring.

  4. Lovely Hazel she is beautiful , and yes Spring is on it's way.

  5. Love the name Hazel. That was the runner up name for Mabel. We called her both for one day til we chose. :D

  6. Hazel is adorable. I am glad she and Dottie are becoming friends.

  7. Hazel is adorable!! Wow - how very cool to have seen that!! I am jealous!!

  8. That must have been quite a sight, Pam--can't imagine all those birds at once!

    So glad Dottie and Hazel are becoming friends--I'm sure you'll enjoy watching them romp and play together :)

  9. Hazel is too cute.
    I hope Dottie is feeling better with a new companion.
    We've sen a lot of migrating birds here also, but not that many!
    I bet it was awesome.


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