Wednesday, August 16, 2017


My Dearest Readers, you are so special to me!  It is heartwarming to have so many caring friends.  Thank you for your comments, prayers and private emails regarding DD.  It means so much to us!

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I just finished my first ever crochet shawl and haven't even blocked it yet.  This was also my first time using this gorgeous yarn.  I love the color gradients from the light green to the dark gray-green all on one large skein.  This will be a birthday gift for DD.  I hope she likes it.

Pattern:  Nerida Shawl
Designer:   Anna Nikipirowicz
Yarn:  Scheepjes Whirl
Colorway:  Pistachi Oh So Nice

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A Delivery came for Hollie last week.

Hollie's mom (our youngest DD that is the Army Officer) sent a box of 60 tennis balls with instructions that the box had to be dumped from the upstairs deck and a video taken of the dogs in the raining tennis balls. I was also instructed to call our oldest DD and have her bring Skye over too.  

Even though Skye didn't run after the balls, all the dogs loved it!

It was fun and now I've got tennis balls everywhere, lol.

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DD Update:

The liver ultrasound was normal and DD was referred to a specialist for further treatment.  The specialist ordered more labs and a test to see how the stomach moves foods.  The labs all came back normal, including the liver enzymes, which were previously elevated.  The test to see how the stomach moves foods showed that her stomach movement is extremely delayed (gastroparesis).  The specialist ordered an endoscopy, which was done last week.  The endoscopy showed no blockage or abnormalities.  So, while we have some answers, we still don't know what is causing the gastroparesis.  DD goes back for a follow up next week and will referred to a different specialist for further treatment.  Meanwhile, she is still not feeling well and losing even more weight.

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Resurrections Lilies made their early August appearance.  I always marvel at how they show up almost overnight.

Trying to get pics of Hollie smiling for Hollie's mom...

Bribery with treats didn't work...

Different treats didn't work either (but Hazel is smiling)

At least Hazel is happy


Wishing you a day filled with smiles!


  1. A very pretty shawl, love the colors.
    What a great idea with the tennis balls!
    All of the dogs are too cute, Dottie looks like she is content with the other dogs around.
    I hope your daughter finds answers to her illness soon. How frustrating!

  2. What a gorgeous shawl you created; very pretty yarn! Thank you for sharing the dog pictures/video! Continuing to keep your daughter in my prayers; praying for her comfort as they rule out causes and come up with what is causing her gastroparesis.

  3. The doggers made me smile when they finally all smiled! What a lovely shawl you made. Frustrating to know what is wrong, but not why. Hang in there!

  4. Such a beautiful shawl, Pam! Your daughter will love it so much. And the dog video will surely make her smile--it made me smile :)

    I know how frustrating it can be when test after test comes back normal yet the patient is still suffering. My son went through 10 years of testing for stomach issues and he on his own finally figured out it was a soy allergy! No soy in his diet (which is very hard to do as soy lecithin is in everything!) and he is a new man :) I surely hope and pray they can figure out how to help your daughter very soon...

  5. That shawl is really really pretty! Nicely done! I hope that your daughter finds some answers soon. It certainly sounds like they are trying! Enjoy the doggies, they look like lots of fun! Hugs!

  6. I'm glad your home and family came through the storm okay. Hope DD get some answers soon. The flowers look beautiful!


  7. Just come to your blog and have enjoyed reading some of your posts. Your dogs are just gorgeous!

  8. Your shawl is stunning Pam...I love the colours. I have this wool in lavenders and have a shawl in mind but I will have to knit...I haven't mastered crochet yet!!!....I hope your daughter gets some answers soon, it's so frustrating....I know myself...I've been there. Love your doggy friends too. Debbie x


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