Sunday, March 31, 2019


Is March going out like a lamb or lion in your area?  Here in my part of Illinois, we had a calm, sunny day with temps in the 40's. 

Between both Hubby and DD#1 having medical procedures, my own doctor appointments with more tests and the non-stop migraine, it has been a rough month.   Unfortunately, the migraine is still just as bad and nothing is breaking the cycle of pain. 

Two weeks ago, we woke up to more than 5 inches of heavy, wet snow.  My photos don't capture the beauty of the snow and the dramatic looking sky, but as much as I dislike winter weather, I had to admit the snow and sky were beautiful!  It didn't last long and was mostly melted by the next day.

The triplets turned 1 on March 16th! 

Last year, I helped a friend by painting more of the wooden butterfly wings and helped him sell them at several craft markets.  He has spent all winter making more wings, so I've been slowly painting again.

My friend has also made a new style butterfly as well as four different sizes of each.  He is planning on selling at three craft markets this summer and fall. 

I have been stitching a little bit at a time, but have no progress to show.  I was able to knit another baby hat too. 

Snapped this pic of the pups the other day.  They thought I had food and were trying to get some, but all I had was a folded paper, lol.

DD#2 is settling in and just went back to work after several weeks of leave.  She spent most of her leave just relaxing at her new home.  She volunteers at a local shelter and fostered Charlie, a senior dog with special needs, for a couple of weeks while he recovered from surgery.  DD said he was such a sweet, relaxed dog while he stayed with her.

Hollie is still here with us for a while longer.  We're still making plans for visiting DD and taking Hollie to Texas. 

Thanks for all your continued prayers and keeping us in your thoughts.  I owe some of you apologies for not replying to your comments on my last post.  I am sorry, with the constant migraine, I just didn't get much done since my last post.

Until next time,

Take Care & Happy Stitchin!


  1. Boy, the babies are doing great, hope you feel better. hugs

  2. March went out like a lamb here yesterday. Your snow pictures are simply gorgeous, Pam! I can't believe the triplets are a year old. That year went quickly; they are adorable. I enjoyed seeing all the pups; you were being eyeballed very intently. You and yours continue to be in my thoughts and prayers; I hope they are able to figure something out for your migraines.

  3. Beautiful pictures of your snow , here we are well into Spring now , which I love most of all .
    The babies look so cute .
    Hope you are feeling better .
    Oh love the dogs and yes the butterflies.

  4. We are having nicer weather than you Pam. Still a bit cold though. The triplets are so cute. You painted the wings so very well. I am sorry you suffer so terribly with the migraines. Mine have really been bad this month. I am now in menopause and the hormones are causing migraines like wild. Besides the sun and heat triggers. Hang in there Pam. I am praying for you.

  5. The snow photos are really pretty. So sorry to hear about the headaches. My DD has them once in awhile so I know how bad they can be, Take care!

  6. I'm sorry about your headaches. Has to be so frustrating to not find relief. Love the pup photos. Not so much the snow.

  7. Hard to believe March has come and gone! Temps here are supposed to get close to 70F this week. It's overcast and dreary today, though. Those butterflies look great. Hopefully, all of you can get your health issues under control. :(

  8. It's been pretty calm here, but colder again.
    Will Spring ever come?
    The Triplets are so cute, and getting big!
    I hope you all get some answers to your medical problems soon. :(
    The puppies are all so cute.

  9. Good to read your update, Pam, but I'm so sorry your migraines continue. I honestly can't imagine! I wonder if the warmer weather will help. Have they tested for food allergies? A former co-worker got horrible migraines and had other issues and once they found she had celiac disease and began eating gluten-free, it really helped her headaches.

    Love the photo of the triplets--oh, my! They are sure to keep their parents hopping for years to come. They all look quite impish :)

    Hope spring weather is arriving--ours is finally here this week! Take care now..


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