Monday, July 18, 2016

Not Able to Reply

Update:  Thanks for your comments, but the email problem I'm having is new.  Even if I compose a new email message instead of replying to a message, I'm still getting the delivery failure notification :(

Not sure what's going on with Google and Yahoo, but I'm getting a delivery failure notification for every comment I have replied to.

Anyone else having the same problem?


  1. Almost everyone is no-reply. If you sign up for Google+, it's automatic. Yahoo and AOL comments do not come through to my email either.

  2. I've had that problem for a few years now.

  3. That happens whenever I respond to a blog--then, I check the blog and it's published. Go figure . . .

  4. Yes, I had that problem starting a year ago. I actually "solved" it a lame way. I open the delivery failure notification email, copy my original comment that does show up there, then click on the person's email which is right above that, within the same email, and once that link opens I paste my comment and send the email on it's way. The person then receives my comment from me. It has worked for me for almost a year now. A LOT of extra work on my part. People have NO idea how much work I go through just to leave them a comment, but there ya go.


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