Tuesday, June 7, 2016

It's Off!

I saw the doctor on Monday and got the cast off!  WooHoo!  I'll have to have some physical therapy 
and wear a brace, but at least it's not as ugly as the cast.   

As soon as I can handle a needle again, I'm going to start on my list of ornaments that I plan to 
give as gifts this year.  

I also plan on starting a 14 week CAL (crochet along) I've been following.  Each week a new square is introduced and since I want to make a large blanket for our bed, I will be crocheting 8 of each square.  

I have no stitching to show, so I'm sharing a few other photos. 

Not sure what this flower is.
It's blooming earlier and more than it ever has.

I thought it was cool that this hummingbird perched on my hummingbird garden stake.
Sorry this isn't a very clear photo, I took it through the screen door.

Hollie doesn't like when I use my laptop and thinks she needs to chew on it (and me) to get my attention.
Not cute!

And this is the look I get when she behaves and I give her my attention!
It's Commissioning and Graduation at our house this weekend.  DD will leave on June 22 for her Army summer assignment.  Then in August, she will go to another base for a leadership course until December.  We think she'll get to be home for Christmas before she reports to her next assignment in January.

Have a great week and be safe!


  1. Lovely Photos, looks like you have your year well planned out .

  2. YAY! I'm so happy to hear your cast is gone, Pam! I look forward to seeing what ornament you choose to stitch first...

    Congratulations on the upcoming graduation--you must be so proud! I wish her all the best in her military career.

  3. Hollie is such a cutie! How can you resist those eyes and face? Congratulations on the removal of your cast! Have an enjoyable day, Pam.

  4. Glad the cast if off. The dog is so cute


  5. That is the cutest dog! I'm glad to hear the cast is off!

  6. Cast off! That first photo of Hollie is precious, what a face.

  7. Glad your cast is off.
    Not sure what the flower is, but they're pretty.
    Love your Hummingbird garden stake.
    Hollie is too cute.
    Congrats on your daughter's graduation.

  8. Sounds like a busy weekend - I hope you enjoyed it. Loved the puppy dog photos.

  9. How are you feeling now that you have your cast off? Able to stitch and crochet yet? Love the photo of Hollie getting your attention because you're on the laptop. Too funny!


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