Thursday, March 24, 2016


I really thought I had posted around the beginning of March.  Turns out, I started a post but never actually finished it.

The Grand-Dogger, Hollie, has been staying with us while DD is in Ireland.  Hollie is just 8 weeks old, but she sure has a ton of energy!  Then she crashes where ever she happens to be.  We're working on training and puppy manners.

This squirrel started visiting my backyard a week ago.  I've never seen one like this before.  Except for the white, this squirrel's coloring is the same as the other squirrels that visit my backyard.

These two squirrels were visiting at the same time.  Their tails, faces and undersides are the same coloring with only their bodies being different.  I'm wondering what's caused the one squirrel to have the white coloring and if it's sick.

I still haven't picked up a needle, but I did organize some of my threads.  I even purchased a couple of kits.  Maybe the stitchy bug will return one of these days.

We have a long weekend instead of a spring break this year and will be staying around home.

Wishing you safe travels if you are traveling for spring break or Easter.


  1. What an adorable puppy I am sure she has kept you busy an entertained!

  2. What a cute dog , lovely photos .

  3. Hollie is so cute.
    That's an interesting Squirrel.
    Maybe just an older Squirrel?
    Or maybe it's part Albino.
    We used to have Albino Squirrels here in WI, but they have all been gone for awhile now.
    They were so pretty, pure white with pink eyes.
    Hope the stitching bug returns soon!

  4. What a precious puppy. Maybe the squirrel is just old? Happy Easter!

  5. Hollie is adorable. What a sweet face she has! Good luck with training and puppy manners! Interesting pictures of the squirrel! Have a wonderful weekend!

  6. the puppy is cute. the squirrel might have gray hair :). happy easter

  7. That is an odd looking squirrel--we had an albino squirrel roaming the neighborhood a few years back! Not sure whatever happened to him. Enjoy your time with Hollie--I'm sure you're getting your exercise, Pam!

  8. Hope your stitching mojo returns...


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