Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Pink Poppies, July Stitches & Questions

 I've had more Pink Poppies bloom this summer
than any other summer.

Years ago, I'm talking about 23 or 24 years ago, my mother-in-law came over with a quart jar full of poppy seeds from her gardens.  She walked all around our house and yard scattering the seeds everywhere.

Over the years, we've had pink poppies here and there, but it was usually only a flower or two.  Many times the plant would grow, but never bloom.

This summer, however, we've had groups of pink poppies as well as single pink poppies here and there.  It amazes me that even after all these years, the poppies are still coming up.  I wonder what conditions caused so many to come this year.


Now that the BAP consignment pieces are behind me, I've been working on my other consignment pieces.  You might remember late last year and early this year, I showed some of the Brooke's Books Bride's Tree ornaments that I've been working on.  I'm stitching all 12 ornaments for my client. 

Hope (left) & Happiness (right)
Bride's Tree Ornaments
Brooke's Books Publishing
Wichelt Imports 28 ct Cafe Mocha Linen
Crescent Colors Belle Soie Silk & Cotton Flosses &
Mill Hill Beads

Pink Flowers on Gingham
The Sweetheart Tree

I finally got the finishing stitches and beading done on this piece!  I'm not sure how I want to finish it yet, so it's sitting in the drawer with the other pieces I haven't finish-finished yet.


Now that I'm working on the Bride's Tree ornies again, I've been thinking about how I'm going to finish them.  My client wants them finished as flat pinkeeps.  I've looked at some tutorials on making pinkeeps.  Every tutorial uses glue in the finishing.  My concern is what the glue does to the fabric and stitching many years down the road.  The intention for these ornaments is that they will be heirlooms handed down to my client's daughter someday.

So my questions are:  What does the glue do to the fabric and stitching after 10 or more years? What glue should be used?  Is there an alternative to finishing pinkeeps without using glue?


It's hard to believe that DD's wedding is in a month!   Months and months of planning and in just a few short weeks, the big day will be upon us.  I'm finding I'm getting more and more emotional as well.  I was standing in the card aisle at Target picking out a bridal shower card crying my eyes out.  A lady came into the aisle to pick out a card and looked at me with great concern.

I thought I was doing pretty well at the shower, until the first card was read and the gift was a rocking chair that Hubby's grandmother bought for Hubby's mom to rock Hubby in when he was born.  My MIL has a way of being super sentimental and when DD read aloud what was written in the card, DD cried, I cried, my MIL and SIL cried and I think probably everyone else did as well.  It was a lovely shower and we all had a good laugh when my sister tied ribbons through a potato masher and DD had to break them to get to the gift it was attached to.

The Resurrection Lilies are just starting to bloom!

Have a great day!



  1. The poppies are very pretty. Beautiful stitching:)

  2. Such pretty poppies. I love the ragged look of the petals. Sounds like a fun and sentimental wedding shower!

  3. Such pretty flowers and stitching. Just reading about the rocking chair made me feel emotional too.

  4. Those pink poppies are so awesome!! L♥ve them and how you got them. :)
    I have only used glue also. Aleene's craft glue. Those pieces are so very darling.
    Oh I would be a mess with my kid's getting married too. ;)

  5. I'm sorry to say that I can't help you with your glue question. Sounds like a great shower! Your stitchings are beautiful! I really love the pink poppies!

  6. Just beautiful flowers and stitching! Weddings are such an emotional time! I know it will be perfect. My DD celebrated her13th Anniversary this year. I still have such wonderful memories of her wedding. It was very small but lovely.

  7. Beautiful stitching and your flowers are lovely. I usually lace the front stitched piece and glue the back fabric piece.

  8. I have been thinking about the no-glue situation. I wonder if you could lace the front and the back? And then stitch the front and back together along the edges?

  9. Such lovely consignment pieces, Pam--I'm sure the buyer will be thrilled. I don't know about the glue as I've only been finishing things for five years... I use Aleene's glue, but mostly I machine stitch my finishes so I'm no expert. If the glue isn't coming into direct contact with the stitching maybe it will be fine for years to come? I don't know...

    Oh, I can't imagine being the mother of the bride (and with three sons I never will be!!), but I know how emotional the day will be for you... You sound like a very close family :)

  10. I have ornaments that I stitched in the 90's where I used glue. They're still holding up just fine. I use Aleene's Tacky Glue. Sometimes I will lace the ornaments on padded carboard and then lace each side together. Then decorate the edges with trim, cording, or beading.


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