Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Busy Busy

We are in full wedding prep mode these days.

Less than 2 weeks til the big day
and I probably won't be posting until after the wedding.

Anyone notice that all the blogs in their reading list on blogger dashboard have disappeared?  
I sure hope it's a fluke and they reappear.

Have a Safe & Relaxing
Labor Day Weekend!


  1. Mine seem to come and go lol. Good luck for the big day:)

  2. Hope all goes well for the Big Day!

  3. Good luck for the wedding . I find if I keep refreshing the page ,they eventually reappear , lol. xxx

  4. Good luck on your big day!
    I'm having trouble with Blogger, too. This happened before, where it was down for several days then reappeared. Hopefully it won't be that long this time.

  5. Oh, I'm sure the next two weeks will just fly by, Pam... Enjoy yourself and I hope the wedding day is beautiful in every way :)

  6. Hope it all goes well :)

    The reading list seems to come and go. Mine has gone today!

  7. Good luck with the big day. Hope everything goes smoothly. Be sure to share photos!


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