Monday, May 12, 2014

Ok, now back to those balls of pearl cotton

Back in the early 80's, I forced my sister to go with me to Lee Wards, a local needlework/craft kit assembly warehouse.  They made needlework and craft kits that were shipped from their location in Elgin, IL.  They had a good size retail outlet that I could spend hours in.

I found this Hardanger book in the clearance bin.  
I had never heard of or seen Hardanger before and I fell in love with it.

I convinced my sister that her reward for going with me to the store was that she got to choose the thread colors for my new project.   She chose these gray and peach colors.

I don't know which of these I did first or why I chose two different colors of fabric.
Each one is 8 - 9 inches square. 

I was thinking this was probably the first one I worked on because 
of the number of mistakes, but I'm not sure.

This one is not without mistakes either.

I don't know if I completed all the stitching on these.   As I looked through the Hardanger book, I was unable to find this design.  I clearly remember buying this book for this design, but darn if I can find it.

What would you do with these two pieces?


  1. I'd make little pillows out of them. I think they are very pretty!

  2. Stitching looks great. love it.

  3. Both pieces are gorgeous! WOW! At first I thought making a runner with one at each end. But they are too large for that I thought afterwards. Maybe framing them. They are so beautiful and I think they should be displayed next to one another. That would really make a statement. Loved your post. love Annette

  4. I think that your stitching is beautiful!

  5. Isn't it interesting to look back on your stitching history to see how you have grown and changed. Even co,ir tastess as well as styles change. I was thinking ornaments, but it sounds as though they are too large for that.

  6. Really lovely pieces--I like the colors you used. Hmmm, somehow frame them together? Maybe, make a pillow with one piece on each side??

  7. How about a nice little pin keep? I remember Lee Wards too.

  8. Make 70 more and make a quilt out of them? lol I think they look great as they are, and I vote for framing them too, or if you can find the right sized boxes, make okeepsake boxes for yourself and your sister. I loved LeeWard's; Michael's is just not the same.

  9. Gosh, these are darling. I would make little pillows as well but, you know, I'm not super duper fanciful in my finishing skills. I make pillows out of everything. lol

  10. They would make cute little pillows.


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