Tuesday, May 6, 2014

I Think I'm Lost

because I've been missing email notifications and messages.

For weeks, I have not been getting emails of new blog posts for ANY of the blogs I follow by email.  I thought maybe I had mistakenly changed some setting on my Blogger account or my email account.  I've searched and searched for some answers as to why I'm not getting the new posts in my email.  Today, I finally found an answer, but I haven't been able to fix it!

Way back in early April, Yahoo changed some DNS settings in an effort to eliminate spam, phishing and spoof emails.  In doing so, it bounces and prevents all email that comes through a third party (like feedburner) to make it to any email account that uses Yahoo servers.  The emails don't go into my inbox or spam folder and they don't go to a place where they can be accessed and approved as coming from an accepted/trusted source.   It's as if the email messages never existed.

So what to do about it?   Honestly, I'm not sure.  I'm still trying to figure it out.  One page I found suggests changing the FROM email address in my feedburner settings so my readers who follow by email will get email messages.  However, when I looked at my feedburner settings, I'm not using a Yahoo email address, so does that mean my email followers are getting my messages?

I still haven't found a place within feedburner where I can see whose blogs I am following or where I can change my email address so I can receive email messages from the blogs I follow by email.  If anyone knows of an answer to this problem, please let me know!

On to other things ~~

Yesterday, Mary Ann (Just Stitching) posted about the sewing box she got on her 10th birthday.  You can read about her pretty pink sewing box HERE.  Mary Ann posted about her sewing box in response to Annette's (California Stitcher) post.  You can read about Annette's memorable sewing box HERE.   These posts brought back some wonderful memories because I have the same sewing box!

Here's my sewing box.  Mine isn't pretty pink or lovely blue like Mary Ann's and Annette's, but I treasure my sewing box!  It's been many years since I've opened my sewing box, so lets take a peek inside.

Oh, look at those little spools of thread!  I got those when I got the sewing box and used the threads for repairing stuffed animals, sewing Barbie clothes and creating patchwork pillows made from mom's fabric scraps. 

Various needle packages --

Do you store needles this way? 
These needles are so tarnished they won't be used anytime soon.

Hey, I wondered where those balls of pearl cotton were.  
More about them in another post. 
Lets keep digging.

Do they still make these little plastic frames and heart magnets?

I also have my sister's sewing box.  When we were young, she liked sewing, embroidery, knitting and crafts.  As she got older, not so much.  If I ask her to work on a project with me, she rushes through it just to get it "done and over with" as fast as possible.

The tray is missing and most of these paints are dried up. 
They've probably been stored in Sis' sewing box since 1984!  

Do you still have your sewing box from when you were a kid?   
I'd love to see your sewing box!

Happy Birthday!
This little cutie turns 21 tomorrow!
I can't believe how fast the time has gone.  She will always be my baby!

Mom Update:  Mom saw the oncologist last week.  Her labs are showing an increase which means she's not in remission.  Since mom is very anemic, she will not be able to have additional chemo at this time, but will be getting a special type of iron infusion.  Mom has kidney disease and every chemo treatment causes reduced kidney function.  The doctor will continue to monitor mom and may delay further treatment if the kidney function does not improve.

On Monday, it was confirmed that she has skin cancer too.  I find it ironic that my mom was diagnosed with skin cancer on National Skin Cancer Awareness Day.   We go to a specialist on May 20th to have the cancerous areas removed and to determine the extent of the skin cancer.

Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers!


  1. It is fun seeing all those things from childhood. Blessings to your Mom, she has her hands full.

  2. Lovely sewing boxes what fun to see them all.
    Sorry can't help with the PC I am no good when it comes to them I just play around until I get it right but really don't know what I am doing Ha.
    Wishing your mother all the best hugs.

  3. What lovely sewing boxes! I can't tell you how much I enjoyed seeing all those treasures:) I am so happy you shared and YES I did store my needles just like you had found in some pieces of aida fabric -LOL.
    I think I may have an answer for your emails & following blog problem.
    1st - Could you go to google gmail and sign up for a account.
    2 - On your blog where you go thru settings - change your contact or email to your new Gmail acct.
    The first 2 steps will allow you to get your comments from your blog and you can email back.

    If you sign up with Bloglovin - you can follow blogs there. Does this help? I'm not a computer wiz by far but i hear your frustration.
    Prayers for your mom and your family. love Annette

  4. Send thoughts and prayers to your Mom and the family.
    So neat to see the sewing boxes and the stories with them. I don't have one :)

  5. Yes, I saw Annette's sewing box too. :) Pam, I am praying for your mom.♥ Please let us know if you figure out this yahoo email mess. I am in the same mess, and to be honest, I cannot understand what you said here about it all. Sorry.

  6. Prayers for your mom and all of you.
    I have a sewing box like that one too, mine is green!

  7. I loved seeing your sewing box and your sister's(and the treasures inside them)! I can't help with the getting emails for new blog posts. I just add the blogs I enjoy reading to Bloglovin and read them there.

    Happy 21st birthday to that cute little girl. And, I will be keeping your mom, you, and your family in my thoughts and prayers.

  8. Oh, I'm sure that was hard news to hear, Pam--on top of what your mom is already dealing with. I'll certainly be keeping her in my prayers...

    I hope you can figure out your email problems... I think I'd give up on yahoo mail and switch to gmail. I've had no issues with it and have been using it for quite a few years.

    Happy Birthday to your dear daughter--they do grow up in the blink of an eye, don't they?

  9. I have the same green box but smaller, with just one layer and "sticks" to hold spools of thread - so I guess mine's a thread box and not a sewing box. Oh, well!
    I'll be keeping your mom and you in my thoughts and prayers. It's difficult seeing a parent struggle.

  10. I remember my old sewing box. Wish I still had it. Will keep your mom in my prayers. God bless you both.


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