Thursday, May 17, 2012

My poor needle has not been picked up in so long.  Sure, I’ve been busy and I’ve been stressed, but that’s never stopped me from stitching before.   I don’t like what’s going on with this mojo thing, but I’ve discovered that the more I wonder where it went, the more disturbed and upset about it I get.   Maybe I’ll just keep fondling my STASH, reading blogs and browsing through magazines until the desire to pick up a needle returns.


Over 550 students participated in the commencement ceremony on Saturday, May 12.

My daughter received her degree and received the Dean’s Commendation, an honor for maintaining a 3.5 or above grade point average for all semesters.

 The “Official” graduation portrait.

My beautiful girls sharing a sister moment.


 It’s been a rough few months for little Snickers.  First she had the bulging disc in her neck and was on total rest for 6-8 weeks.  Then she developed a bronchial thing that had to be treated with a steroid for 4 weeks.  As soon as she was done with the steroid medication, she started having accidents in the house.  Called the vet and he said to collect a urine sample and bring her in.  Have you ever tried to collect a urine sample from a dog who doesn’t want you to collect a sample?  I’m sure my neighbors were laughing at me!  

Turns out, she had a urinary tract infection and was treated with antibiotics for 2 weeks.  Now my poor little sweetheart is having a congestive heart failure flare up and has to be on a diuretic for a few weeks.


 My girls gave me 2 dozen roses, candy and a sterling silver necklace.

Mom Update:  My mom has been on a two month break from cancer treatments and will be seeing the oncologist again at the end of the month.  At that time, he will discuss with us the new treatment plan and it’s risks.  During this two month break, my mom has been gaining weight and having difficulty breathing.  The type of blood cancer my mom has causes kidney and heart failure as well as a multitude of other systemic problems.  The next two weeks will be filled with tests, blood work and more doctor appointments.

Have a great weekend!

Happy Stitchin’     


  1. Congratulations! You have 2 beautiful daughters, you must be very proud of them. I'll keep you and yours in my prayers, I sincerely hope your mother can be cancer free. Give Snickers a hug and your stitching mojo will come back when it's ready.

  2. Congrats to your daughter for graduating. Sorry about all of Snickers health problems, can visualize you trying to get the urine sample, LOL Good visual!!

  3. Great photos of the girls. Congrats to your DD on her graduation.

    Awww.... great photo of Snickers. Love the photo. She is sooooo cute! Give her an extra cuddle from me.

    Beautiful roses!

    Hope the docs can figure out something for your Mom. Do take care of yourself... You need that, too.

    You and I can fondle stash together long-distance, lol.

  4. Congratulations to your daughter. Hope Snickers gets better soon.

    You got some beautiful roses.

    Will be praying for your Mom and you take care of yourself.


  5. Hope you get your stitching mojo back soon Pam. Congratulations to your daughter receiving the Deans Commandation and the photos taken at her graduation are lovely. I can just imagine you collecting a sample off Snickers and have had that joy a couple of times with our labrador. As soon as she started to wee if I shoved a plastic bowl under her she would immediately stop and run off somewhere else.

    With regards to your mother, I am sending virtual hugs to you all and my prayers. I live in hope that one day a cure will be found to eradicate cancer.

  6. I do hope you get your stitching mojo back...

    I am proud of your daughter for her graduation achievements and honors.

    I am sorry to hear about what is happening with Snickers.

  7. Congratulations on your daughter's graduation. You have 2 beautiful daughters.

    Hope you get your mojo back.


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