Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Hubby Does Listen...

I guess I really do have to give my guy credit.  When I think he's not listening to me, some part of his brain IS listening.

A couple of weeks ago, as I was catching up on reading the newspapers that had accumulated, there was an ad for a floral shop.  The ad had pictured a fresh flower bouquet with a glass flower frog that was included with the glass vase.  I admired the flowers and mentioned that the glass flower frog could be used to as a scissor frog.  It appeared to me that Hubby wasn't even aware that I had spoken.

A few days later, Hubby walked past as I was looking at someone's TUSAL post on their blog.  He glanced at the picture of the jar with the threads and asked why stitchers would keep their thread ends.  I don't have an ORT jar, so this was something he'd never seen before.  I explained it to him, but he still didn't understand why stitchers keep their thread ends.

I didn't think about it anymore, but Hubby must have.  Last weekend, Hubby presented me with this:

He made me my own scissor frog and ORT jar with a canning jar and some wire mesh!  So cute, he even went into my sewing/craft room and found some of my scissors to put in the jar before he gave it to me.

On a side note, my daughter, the soon to be high school math teacher, told me that a good stitcher wouldn't have any threads to put in the ORT jar because they would calculate and know exactly how much "string" they needed so there would never be any ends to cut off.  She rolled her eyes when I tried to explain why there would still be ends to snip.   


  1. You're right, there will always be ends to snip due to the length of the needle, lol. What a cute idea your DH came up with... a combo ort jar/scissor keeper.

  2. Great project and gift. Hmmm...a math teacher you say, r u sure?? I don't keep my thread bits either. However, I do toss them on the floor and sweep them up once a weird is that??

  3. I think he is a keeper! :-) What a sweetie to do that for you! He has a great idea there!

  4. That's an awesome bit of work your hubby came up with. Seems like just when we think we have them figured out, they surprise us.

    Those math people just don't understand...LOL.


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