Wednesday, February 29, 2012

"Merry Christmas"
Design By
Country Cottage Needlework
2011 JCS Ornament Issue

Stitched over one on 32 count Lugana

Petite Christmas Angel SAL - Week 2

This is my Week 2 progress.  I still have the beading and backstitching to do, but I'm liking the hand dyed threads I've picked.  I am getting excited and anxious to get the backstitching done on the wings.  Backstitching isn't my favorite parts of a project, but I think it will really define the wings.  We move on to the skirt for Week 3.

Signs of Spring

The Resurrection Lilies are coming up!  It seems early this year, but I guess that's because we've had such a mild winter. 

Other signs of spring:

Bugs.  We never actually got rid of the box elder bugs or the Asian beetles from the fall harvest.  When we have sunny days, those bugs seem to multiply and we have them everywhere again.

The local ice cream shop opened last week, parking lots are being sectioned off for the lawn and garden supplies, lots more birds singing in the morning, it's daylight when I get up in the morning and it's daylight when we eat dinner.

My "Companion" Dog

I always say Dottie is my "companion" dog because she is always by my side.  I can't even go to the bathroom without her pushing the door open and walking in!

But, today while I was working in my sewing/craft room, Dottie disappeared.  Usually she is laying on the floor by my feet.  So, I went looking for her...

...caught her in the act of relaxing on DD's bed!  DD is away at college and Dottie must be missing her, but because Dottie sheds so much, DD usually doesn't let Dottie lay on her bed.

Mom Update:  We saw the oncologist today.  While there has been a slight improvement, the numbers are still too far from normal.  The doctor wants to try another 4 weeks of the once a week treatments and run all the tests again.  The doctor also informed us that mom's kidney function has decreased, but he isn't sure if it's due to the treatments or progression of her kidney disease.

The oncologist also ordered an MRI of the left ear, head and neck because there are some swollen and very painful lymph nodes on the left side.  That's also the ear that has the most hearing loss.  The doctor said he also wants to rule out tumors in that area.

Until next time...
Happy Stitchin'


  1. Prayers for your mom. and how did you finish that top ornament? I'm trying to learn how to finish ornies. i love the beads on the edge!

    1. Shanda, the finishing is really just a little pillow. Front and back pieces sewn together with a loop made out of ribbon secured in the top. Then I slip stitched the beaded trim around the edges and tacked a ribbon bow at the top.

  2. Beautiful work! My dog Molly is just as bad. She "yells" at the kids when they run through the house and she only pretends to sleep when in the room with me cause as soon as I move or shift in my chair just so, she perks up ready to follow me. I hope all goes well with your Mom.

  3. Love the colours on your ornament. Hope it's good news for your mum. Sending positive thoughts your way.

  4. Love the ornament and it is finished so nicely! Your Angel is looking very good!
    My dog is like yours and follows me everywhere. I have given up shutting the bathroom door as she just whines otherwise lol.

  5. Your ornament turned out really cute, Pam. I see you decided to try beading. How did it go? PA looks good.

    My snowdrops have been up for a couple weeks. Must be the mild weather.

    1. Meari, I cheated on the beads. In the ribbon and trims clearance bin at Hobby Lobby, I found two spools of beaded trim. The strung beads and some kind of sparkly fibers are woven together into a string.

  6. I love the christmas ornament, how many of them are you stitching? At the moment I am cross stitching a cushion for my mother for Mother's Day which is on the 18th March over here in England.

    The first signs of spring are joyful. Seeing the daffodils and lilies coming up through the ground and it is wonderful to wake up with the sun rise instead of dark mornings.

    With regards to your mum, I hope that the MRI scan comes back negative and rules out any tumours for her.

    1. Lisa, I think there are over 100 on my Ornament To-Do list. I'm hoping to get at least 2 done each month.

  7. Your ornie is so pretty - I really like the backing fabric and the ribbon. Good job!

  8. Your ornament is beautiful. I love the finishing. Your angel is coming along great. I will continue saying prayers for your mom.

  9. Love the ornament, great that your bulbs are coming up, our have been up for weeks, but guess it depends on where you are. Sorry to hear about your mother, will keep her in my prayers.

  10. Will be praying for your Mom. Your ornament is beautiful love the way you finished it.


  11. Hope all goes well for your mom. I love, love your ornie finish- great job! And nice progress on your angel. Poor little Dottie...she looked comfy and woebegone at the same time!

  12. Love the Merry Christmas ornament- the colors are beautiful!

    - Lisa N. in Cambodia


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