Monday, October 1, 2018


September flew by for us.  Did it fly by for you as well?  

I made a blanket, pajama keeper and stuffed owl for a little neighbor girl celebrating her 3rd birthday.  I loved crocheting with the bright colors and it's been quite a while I since I've used all girl colors.

She loved her gifts and sleeps with the owl every night.

The triplets are 6 months old!

My niece and her husband have been able to take the boys out for some weekend activities.  This family photo was taken at the Touch and See Truck Show.  Even though it was chilly that day, it was nice to get out of the house and share the day with them since they have been so busy packing.  They close on their new house on October 10. 

DD #2 posted this on facebook a couple of weeks ago.  

She has been keeping track of how many weeks she's been deployed and how many weeks she has left, but I had to chuckle at her choice of words when she posted this.  If the next 6 months fly by like September did, it really won't be long until she's home.

DD #1 has been having many tests and follow up doctor appointments.  The new diet has helped her digestive issues and is helping in regulating insulin and other endocrine functions.  

Dottie Dog had her annual vet visit in early September.  The vet encouraged us to have the "senior dog blood panel" done since Dottie Dog is almost 14 years old.  The physical and test results were all perfect except for the thyroid.  Turns out that Dottie Dog has hyperthyroidism, or over-active thyroid.  Further testing was done and it confirmed our vet's suspicion of cancer.  Unfortunately, because of Dottie Dog's age and the location of the tumor, they do not recommend treatment or removal of the tumor.  Except for weight loss, Dottie Dog has been doing so well and it's hard to see that she has cancer.  

Part of me wishes we wouldn't have agreed to the senior dog blood panel so I would never know that she has cancer.  Our vet has recommended extra nutrition so Dottie Dog doesn't lose any more weight and we'll keep her as comfortable as possible.  

I'm still suffering with the migraine and some days I can only manage doing what is necessary.  

We've been able to enjoy our chilly fall evenings by relaxing by the campfire.

I'm still enjoying all the flowers around my home.  The hanging basket is filled with Supertunias and has been spectacular all season long.

Happy October!



  1. So sorry about Dottie Dog. I understand why you wish you did not know the problem if she seems so well. Those gifts were just perfect for a little 3 year old girl!

  2. That set is adorable and the tunias are spectacular! Mine croaked a week ago. Can't believe how perfect yours are in shape and fullness.

    So sorry about your furbaby.

  3. I bet that was one happy little girl!
    What great gifts, and pretty.
    Looks like the triplets are growing fast.
    Positive thoughts for Dottie, she is so pretty.

  4. September did fly by, but so has the rest of 2018. Hard to believe that we are starting the 'backside' of the year. Dottie Dog is a cutie. Sending good thoughts her way! What lovely items you crocheted for the little neighbor girl.

  5. You made awesome gifts for the little girl Pam! :)
    I am so sorry to hear about Dottie's cancer.
    We have the EXACT same supertunias you do on our light posts down Main Street. Love it!!! So pretty and they keep going and going and going!!
    You are in my prayers Pam. I KNOW what you are going through with the migraines. I DO.

  6. A beautiful blanket Pam. I am sorry your puppy dog is not well, but at least knowing you will be able to help to keep her as comfortable as possible. Take care of yourself.

  7. Oh, what pretty gifts, Pam! And thank you for the photo of the triplets--love watching them grow.

    I am sorry about Dottie--been there with my cat and it was very difficult.


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