Sunday, February 11, 2018


Wow, I missed posting in January, so let me catch you up on what's been going on around here. 

I spent most of my time working on baby gifts for my niece.  It's hard enough to make gifts for one baby and making for three babies was a big endeavor.

My first time making sock monkeys.  I made one for each baby and the fourth one is for big brother.

Leaping Stripes and Blocks
Pattern by Moogly
Started January 8, 2018
Completed January 21, 2018
Yarn: I Love This Yarn from Hobby Lobby 
Colors used listed below

Dark City Blue
Gray Mist
Antique White

Dark Olive Green
Gray Mist
Antique White

Gray Mist
Antique White

My niece, her hubby and Little D (who turned 1 in September).  Her shower was Sunday, January 28 and she was 25 weeks when this photo was taken.  She is doing well, but is quite uncomfortable.  She's been on modified bedrest since December 11.  Since she is high risk, she sees her doctor weekly.  So far he has allowed her to stay home, but her doctor said she may have to be admitted to the hospital at some point.  The goal is to make it to 32 weeks, but my niece says she's ready now.  The doctor has been giving her pep talks each week and told my niece that for every day she carries the babies, it's two less days in the NICU.  

One year ago, Hazel joined our family.  I can't imagine ever being without her.

The past week has been filled with snow.  My area has had snow everyday since Sunday, February 5 and our weekly total now stands at 20+ inches.  The good news is that the coming week is supposed to be calm with no precipitation in the forecast.

Hazel and Hollie have really been enjoying the snow.  

Whatever the weather is in your area, please be safe.


  1. The sock monkey are super cute. Love the blankets.

  2. I hope all goes better than expected for your niece. Her son is adorable!!

    I do like using those cloths and should make some. But those puppets, MUST make some for the hospital's kids.

    Love seeing doggy play.

  3. What beautiful blankets you created along with the sock monkeys! I can't believe Hazel has been with you for a year. Wow, that year went by quickly! Offering a prayer for your niece and the babies.

  4. You have made awesome gifts Pam. I love seeing your dogs play in the snow. Our dogs barely play in it.

  5. Those Monkeys and Blankets are too cute.
    You've been busy!
    Wishing your niece good luck in that everything goes well.
    The doggies are so cute playing in the snow.

  6. Is there anything cuter than dogs playing in the snow??!! I will be sending good thoughts and prayers your niece's way. She will be so busy when they arrive! She should get as much rest as possible now!

  7. Such cute monkeys! You did a great job, Pam--and I know the babies and big brother will love them. My niece had triplets 14 years ago this month--three girls :) What a huge change to her life. I stitched three angels for them with their names and they still hang them on their tree to this day... Wishing your niece and her husband all the best with their growing family!

  8. The Monkey socks are just wonderful Pam! I had one as a little girl and loved him to pieces! I think the colors you chose for the blankets are great - I love bright colors. I hope that your niece makes it to 32 weeks - so much safer for her and the babies too. No snow here this winter, I miss it.

  9. What adorable gifts! Can't believe Hazel is a year old already.


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