Sunday, September 18, 2016

Happy September?

Technically it's still summer for a few more days, but I'm already struggling with what I call my "seasonal sadness."  Autumn often finds me feeling sad that summer has ended and that the bitterly, cold winter is coming soon.

Any of you experience this type of seasonal sadness?  How do you cope with it?

Outside my window...

Baldface Hornet's Nest
This large nest is hanging in the maple tree in front of my house.  I have only seen one in pictures.  I estimate it to be at least 12 inches long and wide.  I asked my neighbor if he's ever dealt with a nest like this.  He told me to stay away from it because they can be very aggressive.  No need to worry about that - there's absolutely no way I'm climbing a ladder to get to that nest!  Then he said it was beautiful and he'd like to have it.  Apparently some people like to decorate their homes with these nests.  I told him he could have it, but he'd have to get it himself :)

This year, the Praying Mantis' have been everywhere.  I've rarely seen them in years past, but I've seen one almost every day for the past several weeks.

This little Tree Frog sat on the window ledge outside my office for a whole morning.  It was a great distraction!


(I blocked out the baby's name)

...some stitching.  My niece is having a baby soon and I designed and stitched this piece for the nursery.  My son-in-law made the frame and my daughter did the staining and finishing.  I'm really pleased with how it turned out and my niece loved it.

Other news...

We had a great vacation and trip to visit our youngest daughter.  We were also able to visit Washington, DC, Virginia Beach and spend time with my cousin.  I would have loved to spend a whole month visiting DD and my cousin.

This past week brought heartache to our family and community.  A family friend that had been missing since August 22 was found in a nearby community.  Not many details have been published as there is an ongoing homicide investigation and it's all just heartbreaking.

Our oldest daughter is having medical issues that several doctors have been unable to diagnose.  I'm so worried about her and asking for prayers.

Thanks so much for spending some time with me!



  1. Good to hear from you again Pam. Prayers for your daughter - an 'unknown' is always frightening. What out for the Matis - they can kill hummingbirds! I miss the extra ours of daylight - I think I have a small case of SADD each winter.

  2. That nest is scary - yikes! Love the frog though. Hope your daughter is ok!

  3. Hi Pam, I highly recommend the purchase of a Verilux lamp. I bought mine a couple years ago on Amazon & use it daily in the winter. Now, don't laugh, I live in Florida! But it's the northernmost part & it gets very cold in winter. My poor wildflower garden has to be covered against freezing temps, I have to worry about my well pump, etc., but only for days, not for weeks. I also have lights on timers to keep the house cheery. Hot tea, candles, knitting, cat, & reading books (like, daily inspirational and scriptural page a day books) all help. Reading blogs help. I really have to fight that Seasonal Affective Disorder. They don't call it SAD for nothing! Think about the Verilux...I use it in the morning while I have coffee & knit. We can chat more it that would be helpful to you (btw, I grew up in Ohio, moved away in my 20s). I still don't like to see the daylight hours getting shorter!

  4. YIKES!
    You wouldn't catch me anywhere near that nest, not even with a 10ft pole!!!
    The critters are cute.
    Prayers for your daughter and the friend's family.

  5. I am praying Pam! I am so sorry about your friend. Oh my.
    That picture of the praying mantis is really neat!

  6. I am unlike most people...I love the autumn and winter...I live in South Florida now so no seasonal changes, just the dry season and wet season down here. All I can recommend is to get one of those sun lamps and sit under it for at least an hour a day, and get the same amount of exercise a day as well. I used to put my bike up on a stationary holder and "ride" it during the winter. I also made sure to eat fresh vegetables and salads...thankfully, during the winter we in the US can still get these foods in the middle of winter. It's hard...especially when winter starts in late October and goes until mid-April. Hugs, Christina in Miami

  7. I enjoyed your pictures of nature around you. That hornet's nest is beautiful, but I can't say the same about it's residents. Adding your daughter to my prayer list. It sounded like you had a wonderful trip to see your family.

  8. Will keep your daughter in prayer as well as the doctors to find out what is wrong. I'm so sorry about the loss of your friend.

    When we lived in NH I used to sit in my sunny kitchen in the winter so often during the winter. I would always think that under all that snow were all my beautiful flowers, but I knew that up there, it could very well be May before I would be able to get out in the yard and see them all coming up. Winters are tough and long. Hot teas. Good books and stitching in front of a sunny window may help.
    I'm one of those crazy people that would hang a nest like you have in your Maple tree, in my house for decoration. Guess it's a country thing.
    Love your finished piece and the frame suits it perfectly.

  9. Love your nature photos, Pam--even the hornet's nest has a beauty (in its own way!!). So sorry to hear about your daughter's medical issues--will keep her in my thoughts and prayers. And you, too--seasonal affective disorder hits so many. I find that exercise goes a long way in helping any kind of stress.

    Love the baby stitching--such a sweet design and lovely finish :)

  10. Praying for your girl, Pam!
    I too get SAD in the winter, January/February is usually the worst. But I am noticing the shorter days now and dread the dark, cold winter. I try to find consolation in the good things of fall, like the start of football season (which I enjoy), fewer outdoor tasks, and stitching under my Ott lite! Last season I added a little "Happy Light" next to the chair where I drink my morning coffee. I also add a vitamin d supplement and go outside when it's a sunny day. Hope you can find some ideas here that help you.

  11. Glad I stopped by! Summer going away is hard on me too. I am not looking forward to the bitter cold winter can bring. I try to keep myself busy, so I don't think about the oncoming cold temperatures.

    Your stitching is great! I love that you designed that pattern yourself.!!

  12. The hornet's nest is weirdly beautiful, but scary to have in your front yard. I too feel a little sad when the days start getting shorter, I can't imagine if I lived somewhere that I couldn't go outside each day to still enjoy the sunshine (no snow where I live). I always console myself with lots of cozy blankets and warm candles inside.

  13. Oh, I'm so sorry to hear about your friend. :(

    Love the sampler! It's so meaningful that you created it and your family helped with the frame and finishing.

    Great nature photos!


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