Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Dismayed, Discouraged & Disappointed

I've thought about this post for a couple of weeks now.

I love reading everyone's blog and seeing all the great photos you share. When it comes to stitching, I'm always inspired by the choices of designs, fabrics, threads and finishes made by so many talented stitchers.

Recently, it was brought to my attention that the photos we post of our stitching are being used by some to stitch from as a way to avoid purchasing a design or chart.

I can't even describe how that makes me feel!  For the past couple of weeks, I've been looking at lots of photos.  I discovered that there are VERY FEW photos that cannot be used to stitch from.  Even the designers themselves are posting lovely photos of their designs that can be used to stitch from.

I do not want to contribute to copyright infringement in any way and I'm still trying to figure out how to show my stitching without actually "showing" my stitching.   I've made my stitching photos a much smaller size, but I'm not sure that's enough to prevent the photos being used to stitch from.

I welcome any tips or advice!

A Look Into My Backyard

Apple Blossoms

I think this is a new bird to my backyard.  It's smaller than the Goldfinches and House Finches, but I don't know what kind it is.

We enjoyed a few warm days, but the weather has turned cold again.  It feels more like March than May.  I even had to turn the furnace back on!    

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  1. You have a Pine Siskin. The thin beak and the yellow streaks in the wings ID it.

  2. Wonderful photos. It's been cooler here.
    People must be made stitching from a photo.
    I love to buy a new charts what could be better , they would not get that feeling ! of having a new crisp chart I would think there would only be a few who would copy from a photo.

  3. Pam, if someone is going to steal they will always find a way to do so; I say post the pictures of your work and enjoy them.

  4. Please don't let this inhibit you from posting photos of your stitching and sharing and creating! Those type of things also drive the sales of charts. I don't understand the whole thing. But I think the higher resolution and very close up are the ones that people can stitch from. Isn't it sad? But in today's world there are people that do things like that. To me the 5-10 dollars for a chart is WORTH the hassle of trying to count and figure out from a picture. My heaven's! Your garden is lovely! Again, don't stop sharing because of the picture thing. Most pictures even the lower resolution ones can be stitched from. If there is a will, there is a way, I guess....

  5. I think small pictures help. When I came across this topic a few years back, I thought the same thing. What in the world can stop thieves?!
    I love your outdoor pictures. GREAT!

  6. What wonderful backyard pictures you shared! Great snaps of the cardinal pair!

    It is disheartening that some people are doing this. While it wouldn't be attractive, perhaps adding a "watermark" to your picture might work.

    Robin in Virginia

  7. What beautiful photos. Mother Nature is at her finest right now. Thank you for sharing them.

  8. Love seeing your birds. I'm iffy about those stealing charts from a photo of cross stitch. Maybe on a sampler or smaller piece that is the case. I can't see them being able to do a good job from a photo on a GK, HAED, or Mystic Stitch. The photo's just don't show the colors properly, there are too many colors, and each monitor and computer tends to show them differently. Still, it is something to think about.

  9. Showing the entire piece in a setting so details can't be enlarged clearly, and angled shots of different sections leaving some area out. Think that will work?

  10. Stitching from pictures shown on blogs, how crazy is that. But not showing pictures of your finished work doesn't prevent these people from stealing. I hope you will continue showing your work on your blog so that we can admire your stitching.

    Wonderful pictures from your garden.

  11. You know I could not be bothered to sit at a computer and stitch from a photo on the screen! Imagine the damage these people are doing to their eyes! Like June I think there's nothing nicer than having a lovely new chart in front of you and like Vonna I think they are well worth the money.

    Your photos are beautiful!

  12. Don't let a few dishonest people take away your joy! Small things amuse small minds! What great backyard pictures... the red and white tulips are especially pretty! Do grackles or starlings bother that type feeder? Hugs!

  13. Beautiful backyard photos. I think if people are going to steal, they will find a way. I personally like seeing photos of people's work and like referring back to my own photos.


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