Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Fabric Hunt

Been looking for fabric to finish projects.

Ever have a vision of the "perfect" fabric for a project?
Yep, me too!

Unfortunately, some of the stitched pieces are proving to be 
difficult colors to coordinate with.

My search started at the local Joann's and Hobby Lobby.  Nothing there.

On to an itty bitty local quilt shop.  The lady working there told me I'd have to travel to a bigger store to find what I was looking for.  
They had some great fabrics, but they were so expensive!

Took a drive to another quilt store about 50 miles away.  They claim to have over 2000 bolts of fabric.  I didn't count the bolts, but I had no trouble spending alot of time in that store!

Picked up a few fat quarters of Snowman Gatherings...

Selected a few balls of Valdani...

Still didn't find that "perfect" fabric though.

Traveled 25 miles further to another quilt store.

found a couple fat quarters of Seasonal Little Gatherings...

a few more balls of Valdani...
and fell in love with some wonderful Christmas fabric,
but they only had one mini charm pack left  :(

and still didn't find that perfect fabric!

Sadly, had to call it a day since I was over 75 miles from home.

A couple days later, took a long drive in the opposite direction
to another quilt store claiming to have over 8000 bolts of fabric.

I asked my mom if she'd like to go with me and
she really enjoyed visiting the store!
As we walked in, we couldn't believe all the fabric.
They also had more sewing machines than I've ever seen.

Found many fabrics I wanted, but still not the "perfect" one.
Mom and I had lunch and then headed back home, empty handed.

  Last week, I decided to take a 60 mile road trip in a different direction to another small quilt store.  The ladies working there were anxious to help me.  I was led to another area of the store where we could lay out the fabric and the stitched pieces.  To my surprise and delight, there were 3 other ladies visiting the store and immediately came over to help.  It was so fun!

Still haven't found that "perfect" fabric I've envisioned, but I did finally find fabrics to finish the Bride's Tree ornaments.
These fabrics are from Moda's Rambling Rose collection.
My client loves the fabric choices so now I can get to work
finishing the ornaments.

What do you do when you can't find the "perfect" fabric?


  1. The Rambling Rose fabrics are awesome.
    I try a handful of stores and have never been left empty handed. :)

  2. So annoying when you have the fabric in your head but can't find anything that comes close. Good luck:)

  3. The Rambling Rose fabric looks great to me. Unless I need to finish the project, I just put it away till I find what I want. I do love Moda fabric and we have 2 good fabric stores nearby, just no cross stitch shop for miles and miles-that plus a $30 ferry ride.

  4. Have you tried describing it through a seach online? Has worked for me. Otherwise, go with another choice and maybe embellish more uniquely. Just suggestions, hope it helps:)

  5. I tend to use what I find, settle for second best. Surprisingly, the second best turns out just fine.

  6. I am also very picky about backing fabric. If I cannot find what I envision, I put it aside. For ornaments tho, I keep what fabrics I have in my stash in mind as I stitch for others--avoiding the stress of shopping for that perfect match! Works MOST of the time!

  7. I'm just envious you have that many options for fabric stores within a reasonably sized area! Damnnnnnn. :( I will do some searches online if I really feel like I want something particular but it's really hard to randomly search online. There is just sooooooooooooooooooooooooo much out there.


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