Thursday, December 12, 2013

BRRRR -- It's Bitterly Cold Outside

The actual temperature this morning was -5F and with the windchill, it feels like -25F!  I don't know what's going on with our weather, but I do know it's way to early in the season for such cold temps.  I'm trying to stay optimistic by hoping this means that winter will end a month early!

All my stitching is for gifts and I've been overwhelming myself with all that is on my To-Do List.  The length of my list, coupled with the fact that I only have a short time to get everything done, caused a panic attack.  Does that happen to you?  The panic attack actually rendered me unable to do anything. 

After much reflection and prayer, I've re-evaluated my To-Do List and cut it down considerably.  Whew!  I'm feeling much more relaxed now.

Since I can't show you any of my stitching, 
how about some backyard pics?

It's so cold, even the birds were less active this morning.

Only staying at the feeders momentarily

before returning to the branches

All puffed up

I have at least 3 pairs of Cardinals that visit my feeders.

It's almost like they were posing for my photo shoot!

Take time to relax and enjoy the season!


  1. Beautiful photos of the birds Pam! We haven't seen very many at all here lately, even with the new feeder out. We have always had at least a dozen cardinals. Maybe they've decided to leave the devil's playground when they saw our For Sale sign at the end of the driveway : ) So glad you are feeling more relaxed! I'd feel wonderful in temperatures like those : )

  2. Super pictures of the cardinals. I gave upon my list of things to finish. I have to mail all my Christmas presents and ran out of time. So, I am working on them now and the pressure is gone. They will just get them later! The things that were done, did get mailed, so no worries.

  3. Pam you have the BEST backyard photos! Your birds are looking well feed and beautiful:) I am glad you reevaluated your todo list, I completely understand but hoping you can enjoy this season too:)

  4. I'm already tired of the cold and winter hasn't even officially started yet and we aren't quite as cold as you!! Brilliant pictures of the cardinals ~ one of my favorite birds!

  5. Good for you. We made it easier this year. I want to enjoy the season not fret it away!! I love seeing the cardinals. I love the NW but do miss those beautiful birds. I guess they never made it over the Rockies!

  6. Lovely pics.
    Relax and enjoy! I know that you will get more done then you think you will.

  7. You now I suffer from an extreme case of Cardinal Envy Pam. What absolutely beautiful birds! (And fabulous pictures too!)

  8. I am glad you found a solution and are feeling more relaxed now. I love your Cardinal pics!

  9. Oh those cardinals are gorgeous birds.

  10. Oh! These are wonderful pictures of the cardinals! I have a pair or two that hang around my feeders in the winter and they are just the prettiest thing ever against the snow but VERY nervous when feeding. Any motion to grab a camera sends them flying off. (They must see me behind the blinds in the windows. Clever birds.)

  11. You can certainly tell the birdies were cold, too. Great photos!

  12. Beautiful bird pictures.

    Merry Christmas!


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