Friday, June 28, 2013

Ahh, it's summer!

And it feels like it too!

Hot and Humid
Heavy Rain
Strong Winds
Dangerous Lightning

For the past week, these words have been in our forecast every day.  We've had it all.  Fortunately, there hasn't been any major damage in my immediate area.

In my tiny village, we don't have a storm siren, but I've heard from friends and family who live in areas that do have a storm siren.  They tell me that their sirens have been activated every day since last Friday.

I watch the sky, listen to a weather radio, have weather apps on my smartphone and get text alerts from the local newspaper.

What do you use to alert you to move to safety during a storm?


I've been reading posts on blogs, groups I belong to and various websites regarding digital cross stitch charts and magazines.  Some have subscribed to digital magazine services to receive their favorite stitchy magazine.  A digital magazine is a great idea since it reduces the cost of the subscription, the use of paper and storage space, but some digital magazines don't allow printing.  What good is a digital stitching magazine if you can't print the chart?

So, I've been thinking about using a laptop, tablet or smartphone as my chart instead of paper.  Now, my smartphone is one of the smaller ones, so it would be a last resort to use it for my chart.  However, my daughter has the Samsung Note which is much larger and might work pretty good.

On my daughter's tablet, the cursor is a circle.  So on the above pdf chart, I would be able to touch the screen and place the cursor on the design to keep my place in design.  I did notice that the screen shuts off after 30 seconds, but that is a setting that can be changed.

Here's a pdf chart opened on my laptop.  Again, I can place the cursor where I am working so I can keep my place.

This is an image file opened in a paint program with the cursor placed next to a row. 

Some things to think about when using an electronic device instead of a paper chart:

  • Easily able to enlarge or reduce the chart size on screen
  • Can use the cursor to keep my place 
  • More difficult to make notes and changes on the chart
  • Not as portable as a paper chart, although if you always carry your device with you this would not be an issue.

I'm guessing if you're like me, you also have tons of downloaded designs.  I've got pdf, image and document files of freebie designs from all over the internet. 

I'm considering using an electronic device instead of a paper chart.  What about you?  Do you or would you use an electronic device instead of a paper chart?  What do you think are advantages/disadvantages of using an electronic device?


I've just finished a large model stitching piece for a designer.  Sorry, no pics to share though.

I'm in the mood for some patriotic stitching!  I'll be going through my stash to find a few patriotic smalls to start working on this weekend.

What are you stitching?



  1. Have you seen the Friday freebies from Gaynor at Stitchers Anon? She made some lovely patriotic designs for her American followers.

  2. Great post. I hold a paper chart in my hand while I stitch, I know, crazy, but that's the way I do it for the smaller charts. I thought of using my lap top but I get up a lot and worry about dropping the stupid thing. You can print off of the nook account on lap top, or so I have been told, so I might think about that.

  3. I like my paper charts so I can mark off with a highlighter .
    If you want some nice free patriotic charts , check out

  4. Not that long now until the 4th. I've got a couple of red white and blues to stitch too.

  5. I'm so glad that you're staying safe and dry - I hope that continues. I wouldn't use an electronic chart unless it was a small and simple chart - otherwise I wouldn't be able to keep track of where I was. Unless there's such a thing as an electronic highlighter...

  6. I use my iPad mini to read all my magazine and books now, do most of my internet browsing on there, etc. So why not charts too? You could probably easily convert paper patterns to pdf for older designs in your stash.

  7. I have a Galaxy 2 Tab and use it to read charts for my smaller stuff which is great. For my HAED I still use print outs but that's because I mark off where I'm at constantly. I also print out my Papillon charts but that's because of the stitch instructions, tried it on the tablet and kept having to go up and down when it was a new stitch.

  8. Pam, I just found your gorgeous blog. What a great idea to use laptops, tablets, etc. for stitching! I had never thought of that.
    I have a question. How did you become a model stitcher for a designer? I am very interested in checking into this. I stitched models for a cross stitch shop in the past. Did you contact them? Did they find you? Any info would be great.
    Have a great day!


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