Tuesday, October 23, 2012

A Box Full

You all have a box or bag or drawer full of receipts, slips of paper, recipes and whatever else gets shoved in, right?

I decided to go through my box.  It was mostly receipts, some dating back as far at 1990!  Yep, going through this box was long over due. 

I had thought about just tossing everything, but then decided to sort through it first.  After all, there might be something important in there.

I’m glad I sorted through that huge box of paper.  Besides recipes, deposit slips, store receipts and expired grocery coupons, I found a few photographs:
Learning to brush our teeth.  This is my oldest DD when she was about 2 or 3.  Notice that “rubber ducky” on the counter behind her?  She still loves rubber duckies and has quite a collection of them.

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BEEGLE BUG” was what my youngest DD called Lady Bugs and wanted to be for Halloween when she was 2  1/2.  You can’t really see the wings in the photo, but they were made out of cardboard and red and black construction paper.

Baby Snickers!  We adopted Snickers when she was just 8 weeks old.  She was so tiny.  I’m guessing this photo was used in a project one of the girls made because the photo is pasted on a piece of cereal box and cut out in this wonderful circle shape.

Here’s a pic of Snickers in her “long hair” days.  As she got older, her fur didn’t grow as long and we kept her face trimmed.  She sure looked different with long hair.

Have you heard about Melanie Testa’s Breast Pockets for Flatties?  Melanie is a breast cancer survivor who decided against reconstruction.  She is collecting 1000 pockets in an effort to get her story on the news.  Melanie is also trying to increase awareness and acceptance that it’s OK to be a “flattie”.  You can read all about Melanie’s Breast Pocket project here.

This is the pocket I sent in honor of my mom.  I chose a pocket from one of my dad’s favorite shirt because my dad was such an inspirational member of her support team.  My mom also decided against reconstruction and it was my dad who convinced mom that it was OK.  He was also able to prove to her that he still loved her – even without reconstruction.

My mom is celebrating 13 years as a Breast Cancer Survivor!


Have you heard that Sublime Stitching has a new line of floss?  There are 63 colors and come in palettes with names like “Prism”, “Frosting”, “Fruit Salad”, “Flowerbox”, “Portrait”, “Parlour” and “Breakdance”.   There’s also a palette of variegated floss called “Taffy Pull” and a palette of pre-blended colors called “Mingles”.

I want them ALL!  

That’s about it for me for this week.  I haven’t done a lot of stitching and I still haven’t finished that Christmas Ornament I started several weeks ago.  There doesn’t seem to be enough hours in a day!

Dottie has been such a sad doggie.  I found Dottie curled up on the chair that Snickers always liked to lay on.  She heard me coming and refused to look at me.  See the blurry tail?  Guess she thought wagging her tail was better than looking at me.  I think Dottie believes she’s the same size Snickers was.  She almost doesn’t fit!



  1. Those pictures are so cute. I have been looking at the new sublime thread too

  2. I really enjoyed that walk down memory lane. Your DD's were so cute and I liked reading the stories to go with the pics. OMG.. Snickers was adorable as a puppy!! Poor, Dottie. :( Give her a pat on the head for me.

  3. Isn't it amazing what a dig through a drawer can lead to, a la trips down memory lane? I love a good clean-out for just that reason, and it sounds like it did you a world of good, too. Give Dottie lots of love and kisses from her weird Auntie Grace - we know how much it hurts.

  4. Poor Dottie, I feel so sorry for her. Congrats to your mom for being a cancer survivor. At the minute my step-daughter is still battling her fight and I live in hope that a cure for all cancer will be found in my lifetime. I love the idea of the breast pockets and hope that she achieves her target of 1000.

    Lisa xxx

  5. I just love going down memory lane when I find old photographs of the kids. Reminds me of how precious and how quickly time passes. I happy for your mother! Mine still has 2 more checkups before she can be declared clear. I am proud of ALL of the ladies!! Kudos to Dottie!

  6. Love the pics. Snickers has stolen my heart.


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