Tuesday, June 26, 2012

A few weeks ago, during my stitching blahs, I spent alot of time reading blogs, looking through ONS webpages and reading designer websites.  I found some really cute patriotic designs that I decided I wanted to stitch.

I'm feeling a sense of urgency right now since the 4th is next week so I decided to devote the next couple of weeks to stitching patriotic designs.  I saw that one of my favorite designers had a new design coming out and I waited patiently for the online stores to make it available for purchase.  Finally, 1-2-3 Stitch showed it on their website and I ordered it, along with one other patriotic design, right away.  1-2-3 Stitch ships so fast!  I ordered the designs on Monday (I think) and I received my order on Thursday!

Design by Lizzie Kate
June 25, 2012

I stitched this design in memory of my dad, who's birthday would have been June 25.  He loved celebrating the Fourth of July with his family and sitting with his kids and grandkids watching the local fireworks.


This is purposely a bad pic.

Hubby's birthday was Thursday, but instead of celebrating his birthday...

Thursday evening, as Hubby and I were getting loaded up to go camping for the weekend, something (we'll never know what) made one of Snickers' eyeballs come out of it's socket.  Hubby and I rushed her to our vet, where she had to have emergency surgery to remove the eye.  Snickers was completely calm and relaxed, while I was in panic mode and Hubby passed out at the vet's office.  The vet was able to use sedation instead of general anesthesia so Snickers was able to come with us that evening.

The vet said Snickers would sleep all night because he gave her some pain medication that would last 24 hours.  Well, the pain meds might have lasted 24 hours, but it surely did not make Snickers sleep.  I was up with her all night making sure she was ok because she was so restless.

Snickers is doing pretty good now and navigating around the house and yard almost like always.  She does look rather pitiful, though, with half her face shaved, stitches and wearing the e-collar.  I really think she's playing it up a bit with her sad puppy dog face so she can get some extra treats.  She's definitely enjoying the extra attention and making sure we haven't forgotten her "Queen" status!

~ * ~ * ~ * ~

To everyone dealing with wildfires, extreme heat, drought, heavy rain and flooding or any extreme weather, you are in my prayers!  

Happy Stitchin'


  1. Love the patriotic design. I love 1-2-3 Stitch, especially because of the fast shipping (my order just came today and I swear I only ordered it Monday). Great tribute to your dad.

    I'm so sorry about Snickers - that's awful! Oh my goodness. The poor little thing. I hope she feels better soon!!

  2. Very, very cute!! So sorry about your furbaby. I think I would have passed out!! I'm glad she's doing better. : )


  3. Congrats on the cute Patriotic design!

    Poor little Snickers. I'm glad she's doing better. Give her some attention from me. :)

  4. I had a doggie that that happened to. You will find that all functions will be basically the same. Be noisy when approaching the blind side and she is not paying attention. We found that ours startled easily if we weren't noisy and if made her upset. I hope all is well and beautiful stitches.

  5. Stitching looks great as always glad you have got your mojo back. Poor Snickers

  6. I am so sorry Snickers is in so much discomfort - hopefully she isn't feeling too much pain.

    I really like your Lizzie Kate finish. Congratulations! :)


  7. Love the liberty stitching and poor Snickers, hope she's better now

  8. Poor pup! I'm glad things turned out ok - happy birthday to DH!

  9. Very pretty stitching...poor Snickers! Hope all goes well and she heals without any problems.

  10. So sorry to hear about Snickers! Poor puppy! My fur babies send "woofs" to Snickers!

    And that is a very pretty finish! Congrats!

  11. Hope Snickers heal soon and your stitching is very pretty.


  12. I hope snicker is doing better. Sorry to hear about your dad. Congrats on your finish

  13. Hi Pam, I bogged hopped from the Ornie a month blog and am delighted that I found yours; I have had a lovely time reading back about you,DH, your Mom, the passing of your Dad, your girls and not forgetting your stitching.. you have an interesting way of writing and I have thoroughly enjoyed reading right back to when you started. So sad to read about Nyckie her poor family, such a young age to die.
    Hope you do get your stitching mojo back as your ornies are wonderful and I loved the way you photo shop to show them all with labels and colours.
    I shall pop back from time to time to see your progress.
    Happy Stitching and Blessings
    Chris xx

  14. Hi Pam,
    I've awarded your blog. Please check it out.


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